Good Morning Folks,

I recently had a lovely pre-wedding photography shoot with Imogen and Guy ahead of their wedding at Dorset House, Bury, West Sussex.

The day was bright and not too cold surprisingly! We had a lovely wander around the grounds of Imogen’s parent’s house and it was good to chat about their day a bit more. I am really looking forward to photographing the wedding service for all sorts of special reasons. Dorset House looks absolutely lovely and I cannot wait to get photographing there on the big day.

So moving on to today’s images; I do love a good view; every season has its own beauty, winter shows us the trees and their amazing shapes that are a well kept secret in the summer and autumn. Part of a pre-wedding shoot is to banish those photography nerves and a get a real felling for what it will be like on the big day and there is nothing like ‘the kiss’ although we did have some silly fun afterwards, not sure Guy suited Imogen’s lip gloss though! We popped into a nearby field, despite the warning ‘beware of the bulls’, now I was a little reticent but Imogen assured me there wasn’t a bull to be seen and look how relaxed we all are 🙂 This is Guy looking very debonair and probably just making sure there wasn’t a bull lurking anywhere; ahhh happy days!

As I sit here and write this we have snow, yes snow, I know snow; last year I was in short sleeves, what on earth! Now today sees the opening of the Bluebell Railway line to East Grinstead; this is trés exciting for us. There have been test runs all week and I can hear the chuff, chuff of the engines now and once it is open I am certain to hear the whistle as the trains merrily make there way to and from East Grinstead. I hope if you are local you are going along to see this little piece of history.

Looking forward to catching up with you all next week.

Claire 🙂