Good Afternoon Folks,

Well I was back again at the Goodwood Hotel, Goodwood, East Sussex for the pre-wedding photography of Kelly and Paul.

I do love pre-wedding shoots as it is a good to get to know my couples a little better, it banishes all those photography nerves and is jolly good fun! It is lovely to wander around the most beautiful wedding venues we have in the South East and it is a time to chat and make plans for the big day.

Kelly, Paul and I strolled around the Goodwood Estate and the majesty of Goodwood House never fails to disappoint. At my last visit we had fast cars and on this visit I was treated to vintage aircraft; happy days!

So on to today’s images and once again apologies for the watermarks; the few have ruined it for the many as usual! I love this image of Kelly looking dreamy and thoughtful about her wedding day and it was here that an image we are planning unfolded so stay away rain!!! I do love Goodwood House in the background and again you can see those clumps of mistletoe and I cannot wait to see how the landscape will change when I photograph there again. Kelly is looking wonderful and sultry here and I love that minxish look Paul has; what on earth is he going to be up to I wonder! Last but not least we are in the whiskey bar with Paul doing mans things in the mans bar with man furnishings! He still has that minxish smile…love it!

Enjoy your week folks, I am looking forward to meeting lots of lovely clients and editing my latest sessions.

Claire 🙂