Good Morning Folks,

It was lovely to be back at South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex to prepare for the wedding photography of Emma and Andy. The day was gorgeous; there was sniggering, guffawing and full blown laughter and the shoot was reminiscent of something out of a carry on film; he, he love it!

I know and love South Lodge but there are still lots of things to discover there, we started off on what we thought was solid ground but due to the huge amount of rain we ended up feeling like we had been on a long hike. Emma thought I was a wuss because I did not like the mud…well my boots were getting dirty and she found my facial expressions extremely amusing. We ended up back in reception and the look of amusement the concierge’s face was a picture.

So today I am posting three images and sadly these are the first with the new watermarking regime. I am so sorry to have to do this but recent events have given me no choice; I hope they do not spoil your enjoyment too much. So on to image one is the pre-mud phase of the shoot, what more could you want, a beautiful building azure skies and humour continually bubbling away with Emma and Andy. We thought we would have a wander on the long lingering driveway and there were some superb pools of sun, so what do you do when you have a pool of sun; yes piggyback! The last image of the day is using a quirky mix of lighting and I used the varying colour temperatures to draw the eye to Emma and Andy in the telephone box.

All the images were taken on the Olympus OMD and I am tending to use them solely for my pre-wedding shoots now. My faithful friends have approved this and are very much enjoying the time off; rumour has it they have been partying and drinking cocktails…honestly!

Enjoy your week folks and I would love to have your opinion of the new watermarking system.

Claire 🙂