Good Morning Folks,

Yesterday the intrepid trio braved the cold for a pre-wedding shoot at Crondon Park, Stock, Essex and this is a very special wedding for me.

I lived in Essex for about 7 years and Darren’s sister is one of my oldest friends so this wedding is like photographing family. Debs and I lived next door to each other in our City heydays and it was really like living in one house with two front doors. Ohhh the stories we have of those days and alas a couple slipped out over a lovely birthday lunch, which always makes Jacob and my Goddaughter Emily laugh. Debs is not quite so impressed but embarrassment is all part of a Godmother’s job description!

It was so lovely wandering around the venue with Kelly and Darren and I really enjoyed chatting about their plans for the day; I have a couple of shots that I am planning and if all goes well weather wise on the day I hope to be able to make them into actual images. I also love it because in my official capacity I know things that everyone else doesn’t; he, he, I love this job!

So moving on to the images I have chosen today; the first image was taken in front of the frozen fountain, it proves there are some good things about it being bitterly cold! I also love it because we were being just a bit silly as you can probably tell. The views at Crondon are wonderful and image two demonstrates this during a tender moment. I love image three because it is just a lovely picture of the two of them and is further enhanced by being in black and white. So here he is the main man himself, young Dazzler looking mighty fabulous in an edgy black and white. Last but not least his beautiful, beautiful bride to be and Mother of their gorgeous son Henry.

I cannot wait to photograph your wedding and it really is not long now, so see you soon you two 🙂 xx