Good Morning Readers,

I hope this post finds you well and today I am taking you back a few weeks to a sunnier time where the sky was blue and the air was warm!

I had a lovely pre-wedding shoot with Clare, Chris and their son Logan at The Spa Hotel, Tunbridge Wells, Kent. It truly was a balmy day and we really enjoyed wandering around the hotel grounds. For me it was good to photograph in familiar surroundings and we have discovered some new and lovely little spots that I hope to be able to use on their big day. Clare and I seemed to have this understanding of which Clare/Claire was being referred to and when; if any more Clare/Claire/Clair’s arrive on the day things could get confusing!

Logan was using Dad’s camera and was quite the little photographer; I am sure I caught a sneaky commando role when he was taking one of the shots 🙂

So today I am posting four images; the first is the three of them just chillin’ on a Sunday afternoon, I just love the next one of Logan and it is going to be a treat to photograph him again on the big day. This one of Clare got me right there when I took it and last but not least Chris beaming at his beautiful fiancée and handsome son.

I hope you are having a great week all; it has been a bit of a busy one for me and yesterday I was on a very special location shoot; it’s all a bit secret at the moment but all will be revealed soon.

Claire 🙂