Salomons Venue Wedding Photography - Karen and Chris:Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photographers


Salomons Wedding Venue Tunbridge Wells Kent Wedding Photography

Salomons Wedding Venue Tunbridge Wells Kent Wedding Photography1Good Morning Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Karen and Chris at the gorgeous Salomons in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. This venue has popped up on a number of occasions here recently and I never tire of going there.

The day was absolutely scorching and hotter than many of our summer days, so it was wonderful to be able to photograph the wedding ceremony outside. Terry the ring bearer was waiting in the wings for his big entrance during the service and he was winched down to some James Bond music to deliver the said rings; love it!

The day was full of fun and emotion; Karen delivered two very moving speeches to both her Husband and her Parents; yup I was blubbing!

Today I am posting three images; the first is of Chris looking most dapper and 'cool', I am using cool to describe his status rather than temperature, because he did not feel cool all day! The second is of a tender moment at dusk and finally some drama with Karen on the steps; you can't beat a bit of dramatic photography at a wedding!

Have a great weekend folks, for me I have a wedding and a busy day of portraits. How nice to see the colours turning but I cannot believe that we are almost in November already and this year seems to have whizzed by.

Claire :)

Wakehurst Place Ardingly West Sussex Photographers - Kew at the Movies

Good Afternoon Folks,

I had a real treat recently when we went to Wakehurst Place to see The Kings Speech. I have never seen a film outside before and it was really good.

We arrived just before dusk and Wakehurst takes on another magical beauty at this hour; people were already here with their picnics and drinkies. There were plenty of places to buy yummy things too so everything had been thought about. Free popcorn and coffee was provided, which I thought was a lovely touch then as the skies darkened the anticipation rose and then we were off!

I was a very pleasant evening; the picture and sound quality was superb so if they are holding another one definitely pop along as it was great fun.

Hope your week is going well and I have another Salomons wedding to show you soon.
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Salomons, Tunbridge Wells, Kent - Emma and Patrick: Tunbridge Wells Wedding Photographers

Salomons Venue, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Wedding Photography7

Salomons Venue, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Wedding Photography6

Salomons Venue, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Wedding Photography5
Good Afternoon Folks,

I recently had another great pre-wedding shoot at Salomons, Tunbridge Wells, Kent with Emma and Patrick and I seem to be spending quite a lot of time there lately!

It was good to mooch around the grounds and continue to explore the venue and all it has to offer. It was also good to have the opportunity to chat about Emma and Patrick's day to hear all the plans they have. Their wedding reception is going to be held in the science theatre so I am really looking forward to that as I have not photographed a reception in there yet. To date I have photographed weddings in the gold room and on the terrace, a drinks reception in the conservatory, a wedding reception in the dining room so I am gradually covering all parts of this gorgeous venue.

Today I am posting four images, the first is having a bit of piggy back fun, then we move on to a more serene shot by one of the lakes; there is so many opportunities within the house so we captured a quick image in the reception area. Last but not least the new bridge and they have done a lovely job, it looks fabulous.

Have a brilliant weekend everyone and have lots of fun :)

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Brenchley Kent Wedding Photography - Alice and David: Kent Wedding Photographers

Good Morning Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Alice and David in the very picturesque village of Brenchley, Kent.  The day started in Lamberhurst, Kent where Alice and her family were preparing for the big day. Alice's dress was made for her by Stephanie Allin and you just cannot beat a made to measure gown in beautiful silk; the corsetry fitted Alice perfectly.  Sorry folks, I have a thing about amazing corsetry as I photograph the collections of Emma Tindley and her corestry in second to none!  I must also mention Alice's gorgeous shoes from Rachel Simpson and on the sole of each pair their is an inscription "just beautiful shoes"; I love that!

Anyway I digress; I then made my way to All Saint's Church in Brenchley, Kent  to wait for Alice to arrive; after the service we managed to complete all the formal photography at the Church and after a quick visit to the most stunning view it was off to Castle Hill Cricket Club so that Alice and David could relax with their guests.  They had chosen a great festival theme for their marquee wedding.

I have chosen five images today with the emphasis on the documentary style of photography.  I have chosen the first image as I just love the moment when dressing takes place; it really is quite emotional and it never fails to move me.  The second image is just full of fun and anticipation; Alice is sharing a moment with her sister for the last time as a single lady.  As you know I always love a confetti shot; it is just pure fun!  I have picked this image of David for two reasons he looks great and the textures of the landscape are gorgeous and last but no means least a stolen kiss before the party begins.

Now did the Olympic parade in London make you cry?  I did as it was just amazing to see all our amazing athletes from the Olympics and Paralympics together to showcase how truly amazing they all are.  I am such a blubber chops but I don't care :)

Have a great week all and looking forward to blogging again later in the week.


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Felbridge Hotel Wedding Photography East Grinstead West Sussex - Shelley and Matt: West Sussex Wedding Photographers

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Good Morning Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Shelley and Matt and The Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead, West Sussex. The weather gods were looking down on us that day as there was not a drop of rain in sight, so we were able to have a good old wander amongst the grounds.

The day started at Shelley's Mum's house and she had prepared the most amazing buffet I have seen and was still looking gorgeous and unflappable so a big thumbs up from me. It was then off to The Felbridge where Paul Smith the Toastmaster and Ami were ensuring everything was perfect for Shelley's arrival.

We all had great fun during the day and I always love the banter I have with Paul; it really does make for a very happy atmosphere.

I am posting five images today; the first is my Grease inspired shot and it was great to be able to re-create this again on their big day; I just love the second one of Shelley, she looks so sassy here it is brilliant. There was another shot I had planned, which was completely weather dependent and we did it; this one is just for Matt though! I have included a little sneaky peek of Elegant Stationery's fantastic work and I always love a wedding where her beautiful artistry is displayed. It was good to be outside and seeing Shelley and Matt having a moment together. Last but not least the great man himself, Paul Smith dispelling the myth that Toastmasters are stuffy; he does make me laugh and I think Matt's Granny took a shine to him too!

I made a comment on my personal facebook page this week at how dark the mornings are getting; I can really feel Autumn arriving now. The seasons are so lovely and I think I would be a bit bored if nothing changed during the year.

Have a great day folks and will be in touch next week.

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Master Photography Awards 2012

Good Morning Folks,

I had some smashing news when I got home from yesterday's wedding; I have received four merits in the Master Photography Awards 2012 and I am again in the finals. It is all very exciting and the category winners will be announced at the awards ceremony on 14th October in Newcastle.

Members from all over the world enter these awards and non-members are eligible to enter the open categories, so to be amongst the finalists is indeed an achievement in itself.

That's all for today folks, have a happy weekend and enjoy the sun; hooray, the sun!


Brooklands Hotel Weybridge Surrey Wedding Photographers - Katy and Andy: Surrey Wedding Photographers


Good Morning Folks,

I recently had a fun pre-wedding shoot with Katy and Andy ahead of their wedding at the very art decoesque Brooklands Hotel, Weybridge Surrey.

This hotel is full of strong architectural features and is going to make for a some super images on the day. We have one or two plans up our sleeves, but as usual this will be entirely dependant on the conditions that we have once the big day arrives.

As you can see from these images the sky was a vibrant blue and it was lovely to be out in some warm enveloping autumn sunshine after such a wet summer. We had a peek at the bridal suite and oh my what an amazing space!

Today I am posting three images; the first is Andy looking resplendent amongst some very strong architecture; this whole image screams drama to me. Next we soften things up a bit amongst the tall grass as Andy and Katy are having a little moment together. Finally we made use of the mirrored bar; I do love the way the speckles on the mirrors have given this image an interesting texture.

It was lovely to have a few days off last week and I spent a few hours wandering around with my camera trying my hand at a little street photography. The summer has been extremely busy so it was nice to just stroll, observe and take some imagery of life!

I hope this blog finds you all well and looking forward to catching up with you all soon.

Claire :)
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