David Salomons House, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Wedding Photographers1

David Salomons House, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Wedding Photographers2

David Salomons House, Tunbridge Wells, Kent Wedding Photographers3
Happy Friday Folks 🙂

Yes I am back only a day after my last post; sorry!!

Recently I had a great pre-wedding shoot with Hannah, Garry and their two gorgeous boys at David Salomons in Tunbridge Wells. I was born and grew up in Tunbridge Wells so many of the venues in that area have lots of nostalgia attached to them. A lot of my family still live there so it’s like I never went away, not that I am that far away in sunny East Grinstead!!

It goes to show what a small world it is as one of Hannah’s relations used to teach me at secondary school. I will have to make sure I am on my best behaviour so I do not get detention!!

Anyway I digress and back to the shoot; we had a lovely stroll around the grounds and it was an exceptionally hot evening without a cloud in the sky. The house has so much to offer photographically both inside and out I just cannot wait to photograph their big day and I have also had a sneaky peek at Hannah’s dress; oh wow how excited am I 🙂

I am posting three images today; the first is a quiet image looking over the cooling waters of the lake, the second just a lovely shot of Hannah and Garry and the third is some fun with the boys.

Have the most fabulous weekend everyone and whatever you are up to have fun.