Good Afternoon All,

A little bit late in the week for my first post so apologies for that, I had a family day at Thorpe Park on Monday with thrill rides galore. We had a competition on one ride to see who could hold their hands in the air the longest without being branded a ‘wuss’ and I am pleased to say it was a draw!

I recently had a great albeit squelchy pre-wedding shoot with Charlotte and Craig at Slaugham Place, Slaugham, West Sussex. This is a beautiful marquee venue with absolutely gorgeous ruins; there is also a majestic lake to one side with weeping willows a plenty so set off the rich and lustrous ruins on the other side; just amazing. The marquee stays at the venue for the duration of the wedding season and I was particularly impressed with the fact that they replace the carpet before each wedding. It really is the little things that catch my eye, but how lovely is that.

I had great fun with Charlotte and Craig and we have planned lots of stuff for their wedding with one shot in particular that if all goes well will be a little bit different. It is a twist of something, that is all I am saying at the moment and is entirely dependent on the weather!

Today sees three images; the first shows the ruins, the second is a little moment of laughter also at the ruins and the third was taken in a folly that provided us with lots of opportunities and we capturesd some great stuff there. I was umming and ahhing whether or not to pop the lake shot up too, and do you know what ,I think that it is always nice to keep something back!

Friday tomorrow folks, so whatever the weekend brings have loads of fun.