Felbridge Hotel and Spa, East Grinstead, West Sussex - Shelley and Matthew: West Sussex Wedding Photographers

Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead, West Sussex Wedding Photography2

Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead, West Sussex Wedding Photography1

Felbridge Hotel, East Grinstead, West Sussex Wedding Photography
Good Afternoon Folks,

I recently had a chilly but fun pre-wedding shoot with Adele and Andy who will be having their wedding in the lovely Felbridge Hotel in East Grinstead.

We have lots of plans to utilise the available light that the hotel has, and we put some of our plans into action during the shoot. Albeit a little nippy we did venture outside as you can see, and I think it was a case of shared bodily warmth!!!

I have three images to share today, one of Adele and Andy with some super lighting in the bar, and two outside shots sharing some tender moments together.

Have a great Jubilee weekend everyone, if you are having a street party, have lots of fun with your neighbours.

I have two weddings this weekend, so lots to look forward to. It is so lovely capturing the day that is the start of a new and wonderful chapter in my couples' life.


Cliveden House, Berkshire - Annabel and Matthew: Surrey Wedding Photographers

Cliveden House, Taplow, Berkshire1


Good Afternoon,

I recently met up with Matthew and Annabel to chat through the plans for their intimate wedding and it all sounds just lovely. Part of their reception is going to be in their house and then we will be making our way to Cliveden House, Taplow, Berkshire to capture some imagery in this magnificent venue.

We had great fun around the house and gardens and I think I am being quite spoiled as you can see from the imagery I am posting today. The first is of Annabel is their bedroom with a lovely bit of window light, the second is of Matthew by their front door; the house has just been completed and I think I can just make out a look of satisfaction and excitement in anticipation of the many happy years they have ahead of them. The third image was taken in the grounds and last but not at all least their amazing bedroom. This is truly a space that will make your jaw drop and I have all sorts of plans for imagery in there on the big day, it really is a photographer's dream!

Have a great week everyone, I am just loving this weather; the air smells lovely, all the windows have been thrown open and isn't it just great to be in short sleeves at along last.


Cisswood House, Lower Beeding, West Sussex - Katherine and Jason: West Sussex Wedding Photographers

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Cisswood House Lower Beeding West Sussex2
What a beautiful and sunny day we had to celebrate Katherine and Jason's wedding. We spent the whole day at Cisswood House, Lower Beeding, West Sussex and what a splendid venue for the wedding photography.

Katherine had the most amazing one bedroom suite to get ready in and this was just one of the bridal suites on offer, Katherine and Jason had another one in which to spend their wedding night together; now that's style folks!

We had loads of fun on the day and it was great to work with Frank Prince-Iles from Digital Magic Studios once again. It was great to see him creating an equally beautiful moving story of their day and he even managed to catch an image of me; the minx!! I thought I was being clever dodging his video too! I quite liked seeing an image of me in full swing, so I have popped it on my facebook page.

Cisswood House really does have some lovely grounds and it was lovely to have a stroll during their Bride and Groom portraiture; it made it all the more special to capture some moments of a couple so much in love and enjoying their special day together.

I have four images for you today; one is Katherine on her way to get married, she looks so serene in this image and is managing to calm her nerves perfectly; there is one of them both in the tunnel of trees and the evening light made this a nice place for a stroll. The bay window gave me the inspiration for a royal wedding inspired shot, so their Royal Highnesses came out to wave to the crowds and yes they did kiss, but Katherine and Jason will be the first to see that one! Last but not least is a slightly different take on the first dance; this image is taken with available light and also utilising Frank's video light, thanks Frank:). I like it because it is very atmospheric and the light in the background is the purple theme of their wedding.

Have a lovely week everyone and enjoy the weather. Short sleeves at last...Hooray!!!


Surrey Wedding Photographers - Dawn and Michael: Surrey Hills Hotel Dorking

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I recently photographed the wedding of Dawn and Michael, we started the wedding photography in Leatherhead, Surrey and then it was on to St Mary & St Nicholas Church in Leatherhead, Surrey for a really lovely service.

Their son Joshua had a really important job on the day as the ring bearer and he was responsible for the official handover of the rings to the vicar, which I might add, he did superbly. Remi, Chloe and Olivia; Dawn and Michael's three girls were bridesmaids along with Dawn's Sister and Michael's Sister; so Dawn had plenty of moral support as she made her way up the aisle to marry Michael.

After the service it was off to the Surrey Hills Hotel, Dorking, Surrey for a party. As Dawn and Michael have four of their own children they wanted the reception to be lots of fun for all the children attending so they opted for a less formal approach to ensure everyone was happy. I was mightily impressed with the sweet table and sneaked a few sweeties (with permission) and I cannot remember the last time I had parma violets...yummy!

I have posted three images of Dawn and Michael today, one tender moment, one of them sitting on the wall (one of the reasons that attracted them to the hotel) and another of Dawn looking gorgeous on the stairs.

The sun was shining on them both that day, as it was for this Saturday's wedding. Have a great week everyone and if the weatherman is to be believed we might be having a sneak peek at summer! Thinking I might hold off on that car/boat part exchange I was considering last week!!



Great Barn Weddings, Rolvenden, East Sussex - Dawn and Anthony Part two: East Sussex Wedding Photographers

Great Barn Weddings, Rolvenden, East Sussex Wedding Photography

Great Barn Weddings, Rolvenden, East Sussex Wedding Photography2

Great Barn Weddings, Rolvenden, East Sussex Wedding Photography3

Great Barn Weddings, Rolvenden, East Sussex Wedding Photography4
Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to part two of Dawn and Anthony's wedding weekend. The day before we were mucking about on steam trains and now the big day was finally here. I visited Dawn at the most gorgeous Oast House in Wittersham; Alex from Wonderful Weddings was on hand to ensure that everything was running smoothly and the atmosphere was full of excitement for the day ahead.

We all had a brilliant day and the London routemaster bus from Special Days Bus Hire in Tonbridge, Kent was a fabulous backdrop for the group shots. I had an idea for some alternative images and I must say I was rather pleased that the vision in my head is now a vision in print! I want these images to have an impact so they will be saved for Dawn and Anthony's viewing.

The weather was surprise, apart from the odd spot of rain here and there. The ground was extremely wet so we were a little limited as to where we could go. The Great Barn in Rolvenden, East Sussex has so many lovely spots it really did not matter.

I have posted four images today; the first is Dawn having some fun with the routemaster and I felt a vintage style really suited this image. The second is a quiet moment as Dawn and Anthony watched the sunset followed by an image from their first dance. I have included one of Anthony's nieces and I just loved it. The girls were given their gifts in the morning and there was such excitement; I love the moment they shared as sisters helping each other out.

Sorry for the delay between posts; I have loads more pre-wedding shoots, weddings and studio stuff to post so keep checking back.

Enjoy the rest of the week and I am thinking of swapping my car for a boat!!!


Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway - Dawn and Antthony Part One: East Sussex Wedding Photographers

Good Morning Folks,

Well what a fun packed Bank Holiday weekend it was for me workwise. I spent Sunday and Monday with Dawn and Anthony as they celebrated their marriage. On Sunday they hired a steam train to take them from New Romney to Dungeness for all the guests that were celebrating with them. When I arrived the final preparations were being made to Doctor Syn in preparation for his VIP guests!

We had a brilliant journey through the beautiful East Sussex Countryside and it was then to Dungeness with its rugged, industrial but beautiful landscape. I took Dawn and Anthony off to the beach, which is very special to them, as this is the spot where Anthony proposed to Dawn and so the story begins.

There were fish and chip cones and Chapel Down champagne all round before another stroll on the beach to toast the start of the celebrations with more champagne. The fun did not end there; Dawn had arranged a lovely surprise for Anthony as he was to be the assistant driver on the footplate for the return journey. It was a joy to see Anthony's face and so lovely as Dawn had told me a while ago this was going to happen. This railway holds many childhood memories for Anthony and what a truly special gift from his wife to be the day before the next chapter of their lives together.

I have chosen three images from the day; one of Anthony looking extremely rugged on 'his' train, another very special moment with the two of them on the beach and finally Doctor Syn charging back to New Romney with driver Anthony at the helm.

Part two coming soon....

West Sussex Wedding Traditions: West Sussex Wedding Photographers

I was sitting in the dentist's waiting room this morning and stumbled across a magazine about weddings in West Sussex, so naturally I was compelled to read it. One of the articles was on the various traditions that we have and how they came about. I knew most of them and here is the mixture of the ones I already knew and a few new and interesting ones.

The Bouquet was traditionally used to ward of evil spirits and protect the Bride. Traditionally flowers were plucked from hedgerows and bouquets contained herbs. Some of the things that were always included were myrtle to represent love, mint for virtue and ivy for friendship.

The bridal veil was also considered to protect the bride from evil spirits and if that was not enough the bride had bridesmaids dressed identically to protect her too. It was said that if you were a bridesmaid more than three times. you would never be a Bride as it was considered that you had absorbed too much of the evil spirit...nice! So perhaps always the Bridesmaid never the Bride refers to this.

The saying "something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue" used to be "something old, something blue and a sixpence in your shoe". Something old was a garter from another happily married woman, something blue for faithfulness and a sixpence in your shoe for wealth.

Prior to Queen Victoria's wedding, the traditional colour for a wedding dress was silver. Queen Victoria chose white for her wedding to Prince Albert to represent her virginity. Green dresses used to be a no, no as it was assumed that the bride had been 'frolicking' and the green was the grass stains from said 'frolics'; hilarious! I love green and think that this is a contradiction as the bouquet contained green mint for virtue! I do love silver, so if you go for this ladies you are still being traditional. I love green too and having photographed on of Emma Tindley's dresses in this colour, I choose virtue not frolics!

West Sussex wedding cakes were traditionally made from wheat to ensure prosperity. The little cakes were crumbled over the bride's head; a warning to today's grooms do not try this and expect to get away with it!! Guests then picked up crumbs from the floor to get some of that prosperity for themselves.

The traditional food for the West Sussex couple was a Sussex pie. Hidden in the pie was a glass ring and the lady that found the ring would be the next one married. I think the throwing of the bridal bouquet is the modern version of this.

A wedding ring is placed on the third finger of the left hand. It was placed here as it was believed that this finger had a vein that led directly to the heart.

I love finding out these facts and I hope you enjoy it too :)

Painshill Park Wedding Photography Cobham Surrey - Katie and Tim: Surrey Wedding Photographers

Good Morning Everyone,

I recently had a fun pre-wedding shoot with Katie, Tim and their beautiful children Charlie and Ellie. We brought the time of the shoot forward as this weather has been so changeable of late we rather wanted to be able to explore the grounds if we could. As it turned out the day was balmy!

Painshill Park is the most gorgeous venue and the grounds seem to go on forever. In order for us to make the most of everything it has to offer we have a golf buggy to drive us around more quickly on the day. If we do have some of our great British weather then the purpose bilt marquee will definitely not disappoint!

I have posted four images today to show the variety that this venue has to offer. I just love the symmetry on the bridge and have some drama planned on there for Katie on the big day. I have also posted one of Ellie. I am going to introduce you all to Charlie when I post some images of the wedding day, it is always nice to keep something back!

Have a great day all and my life seems to be ruled by when I can get the washing out during the brief respite in the weather. I really must try and get some sort of life!!!!

Looking forward to catching up with you all later in the week.