Another lovely Album!: West Sussex Wedding Photographers

Good Morning,

Wow, what amazing weather we are having, and I am particularly excited as I am having two whole days off this weekend!

I thought I would post another album image today; this album is a very simple, elegant design and I really like the metal engraving with the Bride and Groom's names.

The whole experience surrounding these albums is just lovely, they come in beautiful boxes and they are contained in fabric bags, just what you would expect when buying something exclusive. It is the album equivalent of Jimmy Choo's!!

Have a great day and I think we should all meander in the sun eating ice cream!


Kirsty: East Grinstead Portrait Photography

Good Morning,

Recently I photographed a studio session with the lovely Kirsty; I have chosen to share this image with you because Kirsty ordered this as a panoramic 40 x 20 inch acrylic and it looked fabulous. I think the image has real drama with this crop and the high gloss made it into a piece of art that looks wonderful on her wall.

As well as being incredibly photogenic Kirsty is an accomplished florist and has produced flowers for royalty amongst other well known people in the past. She is in the process of setting up her own business and we have lots of plans to photograph her creations, so plenty to look forward to.

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and enjoyed a little Autumn sunshine. For me it was a working weekend. I met some very interesting people at an event on Saturday evening followed by numerous chats about future weddings at the South Lodge Wedding Fayre yesterday; I love hearing about the plans that you all have for your weddings, so it does not really seem like work!

Enjoy your week everyone,


Isle of Wight

Good Morning,

The Equinox occurred on 21st September with 12 hours daylight and 12 hours darkness, so now starts the turn from longer days to longer nights. I love the seasons and each one has its beauty and I think as photographers we are very lucky to have such a varied climate; despite the constant complaining about the weather!

Today I am including some personal imagery that takes us back to the heady days of summer. We were lucky enough to enjoy a couple of days in the Isle of Wight in July. I had a wedding the previous day and before I could 'clock' off I had to ensure the images were backed up and another set off site. It was only a couple of days; it was so relaxing it felt like a week. We stayed with some lovely friends who took us to this little restaurant tucked away in the rocks that served just lobster and prawns. It is extremely popular on the island and just simple and lovely. On the way out I saw this door and loved it, I had visions of 'Under Milk Wood' and 'Doc Martin' of all things! To me this image summed up the ethos of the restaurant.

That evening we were talking in their lounge, which has big velux windows giving the most beautiful unsullied view of the sky. I spent quite a while gazing at the moon and watching the various cloud formations pass through, so I thought I would pop one on here for you to see.

Thank you Cay, Phillip and Amy for a really relaxing couple of days and yes this is the first chance I have had to look at the images properly!

Enjoy the weekend and I think we will be seeing some autumn colours starting to appear soon.


South Lodge Wedding Fayre, Horsham, West Sussex

I will be exhibiting at the South Lodge Wedding Fayre on Sunday 25th September and it would be lovely to see you and have a chat about your big day.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


Jane and Nick, Copthorne Gatwick Hotel, Copthorne, West Sussex

Good Morning,

I hope you all had a brilliant weekend; I had a great time in the studio on Saturday and tried out something completely new so looking forward to editing that session! It was great to meet potential wedding clients and chat about the plans they have for their special day and then to have a wedding viewing to reminisce about how lovely their day was. It is always pleasing when they say "wow I forgot about that, ooh is that what happened before I arrived".

Recently I had a great pre-wedding session with Jane and Nick at the Copthorne Gatwick Hotel. This is another venue with some beautiful grounds to stroll around, we have so many in area I do feel a little spoilt. Their young son Harry had a brilliant time running around and it made for some funny moments during the shoot.

Looking forward to seeing you soon and yes Harry I will try and bring some chocolate rolls!

Have a great week,


Julie and Jon The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Kent Wedding Photographers

I recently photographed the wedding of Julie and Jon at the very picturesque Beacon Hotel near Tunbridge Wells, Kent. We were extremely lucky with the weather, it stayed dry until 10 minutes after they sat down to eat and the rain was relentless for the entire evening; so no more going outside for us that day! Julie and Jon had a wonderful time celebrating with their family and friends and I had so much fun with you all. Jon has the most infectious smile I have ever seen, he gets that from his equally lovely Dad and I giggled all the way through the edit. I think the pictures of Julie and her Dad speak for themselves what a truly lovely and funny man, although I was told off my Julie's Mum for encouraging him ... it was worth it!

Have a great weekend everyone,


Wakehurst Place, Ardingly, West Sussex

Good Morning,

I hope your week has gone well and here we are again at Friday!

Last night I attended a function at Wakehurst Place to celebrate the opening of a new venue for weddings. Going forward as well as being able to have your reception in the magnificent mansion house you now have the choice of the seed bank.

For those of you that have been to Wakehurst you will know that they are doing magnificent work in building an archive of the world's seeds to ensure that the world's amazing flora and fauna does not become extinct.

The seed bank building is in contrast with the mansion house with its contemporary lines and would make for some very interesting photography and I for one am very excited at the prospect of photographing a wedding there.

It goes without saying that any wedding that takes place at Wakehurst comes with the most beautiful grounds that just takes your breath away.

It was nice to know that Wakehurst Place uses the profits from its weddings and events to plough back into the seed bank and grounds to keep this venue looking gorgeous and to ensure the seed project continues to grow; how brilliant is that.

It doesn't matter whether you are getting married or not go an have a visit to this tranquil paradise and try the scones, they are just yummy!

Enjoy the weekend, I am in the studio on Saturday and I am also seeing lots of lovely wedding clients new and old.


Nicola and Chris Yew Lodge East Grinstead West Sussex: West Sussex Location Photographer

Good Morning,

Happy and a slightly less windy Tuesday everyone.

I recently photographed the wedding of Nicola and Chris and we were so lucky with the weather just the odd shower here and there. The day started off at the Selsdon Park Hotel a most magnificent building and Nicola organises many events for them so she had the run of one of their wonderful suites. The next step was the most gorgeous St Mary's Church in Farleigh tucked away down a beautiful lane and surrounded by fields and inside it twinkled delightfully with lots of candles. Next stop was the wonderful Yew Lodge in East Grinstead and this venue never fails to delight with its many photographic opportunities; I am sure was a feast for Chris' eyes as he is a landscape gardener (and a very good one too).

It was a lovely day and I really enjoyed photographing you all, Nicola wanted lots of Bride and Groom portraiture and it was such a joy, and I even think Chris enjoyed it a bit too!

Looking forward to seeing you soon you two.


Lovely Album Covers: West Sussex Wedding Photography

Good Afternoon,

Well it is the end of another week and to everyone getting married tomorrow, including my lovely Bride and Groom I hope you all have the most wonderful day.

I thought I would share a lovely album cover with you; I only use one very exclusive album company now and they have so many wonderful coverings that would suit most wedding themes. This cover was the exact colour and pattern of the coat of a recent Groom of mine and it looked fabulous on their album. It really completed the whole theme of their wedding, so I though I would share with a little bit of imagery.

Enjoy the weekend and let's hope we have a few dry spells.


Julie and Jon The Beacon, Tunbridge Wells, Kent: Kent Wedding Photography

Good Morning,

I recently photographed Julie and Jon's pre-wedding shoot at their gorgeous wedding venue The Beacon in Tunbridge Wells Kent. We had great fun planning the photography for their big day, the theme of their wedding is very close to their hearts and so fitting to the county of Kent. Having grown up in Tunbridge Wells and frolicked amongst the 'gardens' and orchards myself as a child, I cannot wait to see the finished theme.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend; I saw lots of lovely clients on Saturday and it was a pleasure to talk about some really exciting plans for a wedding that I now have for 2013. I never tire of hearing the lovely things that couples are planning for their weddings, and there is always something new to look forward to that I have not photographed before too. We are so lucky to have so many beautiful locations for wedding photographers in Surrey, Sussex and Kent.

Well it is back to editing weddings and studio sessions for me, so I hope you all have a great day.