🎁 It always difficult trying to come up with new and thoughtful ideas for Christmas gifts; this year memories have become more precious than ever.

This year all your problems can be solved by visiting my Emporium of Experiences ❤️

🎄 Not only are you giving someone special to you a wonderful experience to look forward to once all the festivities are over; they get to choose a photograph they can keep forever.

What’s In The Emporium?

All sorts of goodies that will make thoughtful gifts.  When you purchase an experience there’s none of this e-voucher business either.

You received a printed voucher in a folder with a welcome letter – something lovely to wrap up and exciting to receive.

All vouchers have an extended expiry of 2 years so there’s no risk they will expire, especially at the moment.

You can give your gift with confidence knowing there won’t be any nasty hard sell either.



A Little Bit About Me…

Hi, I’m Claire and I’ve had an amazing photography journey and loved every minute of it.

I am a multi-award winning and qualified Master Photographer but it’s more than that I love the fact that I am creating the memories of the future for you.  Seeing those words in print makes me honoured to be a part of your memories.

When you come to me, you will get my enthusiasm, my desire to give you the best and every image I produce will be made with love.

I always say emotion it a two way thing, in order to get emotion in photography it has to flow both ways through the lens.

Yeah, Yeah But What Do Your Clients Say About you?

If You Aren’t Ready to Make a Purchase or Would Like to have a chat then just complete the form and I will be in touch with you…