Cliveden House, Berkshire - Annabel and Matthew: Berkshire and Surrey Wedding Photographers

Good Evening Folks,

Twice in one day; that's it for this week, I promise!

I had a lovely day with Annabel and Matthew and the weather was very kind to us for their wedding. The day started off with Matthew to capture a few images then it was a quick hop and a skip up the road to Annabel's parents to capture some lovely moments before leaving to be married. Weybridge Registry office is a lovely building and the marriage room had very nice decor and great light. We then headed back for champers and fun at Annabel and Matthew's home before going to Cliveden House, Taplow, Berkshire where the reception continued. This was a beautiful and intimate wedding, and was enjoyed by all.

I am posting four images today. The first is of Annabel just having a moment before leaving, the next shot is of Annabel in magnificent Christian Louboutin heels; when Annabel said she was wearing killer heels she meant it! I have used a very subtle selective colour for this shot; I wanted a black and white image, but when one is wearing Louboutin darling we have to show the red! This is followed by Matthew in that fabulous bedroom The final image is one from the amazing Cliveden House, when you reach the fountain and take the left turn that sight is awe inspiring. I love this image with the arches and subtle light highlighting a shared moment alone together.

Have a fab weekend folks; no weddings for me this week but I do have client viewings, some clients for a wedding in 2103 and the studio; just enough to keep me out of trouble....or is it?!


Cisswood House, Lower Beeding, West Sussex - Katherine and Jason: West Sussex Wedding Photographers

Cisswood House Lower Beeding West Sussex4

Cisswood House Lower Beeding West Sussex3

Cisswood House Lower Beeding West Sussex2
What a beautiful and sunny day we had to celebrate Katherine and Jason's wedding. We spent the whole day at Cisswood House, Lower Beeding, West Sussex and what a splendid venue for the wedding photography.

Katherine had the most amazing one bedroom suite to get ready in and this was just one of the bridal suites on offer, Katherine and Jason had another one in which to spend their wedding night together; now that's style folks!

We had loads of fun on the day and it was great to work with Frank Prince-Iles from Digital Magic Studios once again. It was great to see him creating an equally beautiful moving story of their day and he even managed to catch an image of me; the minx!! I thought I was being clever dodging his video too! I quite liked seeing an image of me in full swing, so I have popped it on my facebook page.

Cisswood House really does have some lovely grounds and it was lovely to have a stroll during their Bride and Groom portraiture; it made it all the more special to capture some moments of a couple so much in love and enjoying their special day together.

I have four images for you today; one is Katherine on her way to get married, she looks so serene in this image and is managing to calm her nerves perfectly; there is one of them both in the tunnel of trees and the evening light made this a nice place for a stroll. The bay window gave me the inspiration for a royal wedding inspired shot, so their Royal Highnesses came out to wave to the crowds and yes they did kiss, but Katherine and Jason will be the first to see that one! Last but not least is a slightly different take on the first dance; this image is taken with available light and also utilising Frank's video light, thanks Frank:). I like it because it is very atmospheric and the light in the background is the purple theme of their wedding.

Have a lovely week everyone and enjoy the weather. Short sleeves at last...Hooray!!!