Some Advice if Coronavirus Postponed Your Wedding


It has been the most unusual few weeks and for many who have been planning their day you now find that Coronavirus postponed your wedding.  Planning a wedding involves a large emotional input.  To suddenly find it is not happening has really pulled the rug from under so many couples.

New Date

I have been so pleased to be able to move with my clients, but some suppliers may not be able to.  Then the whole process of looking for new suppliers because Coronavirus postponed your wedding starts all over again; but this time it is not with excitement but sadness of what you will no longer be able to have. I know it is going to be hard to muster the enthusiasm but why not look to your suppliers who are moving with you to see if they have any fantastic suggestions.


We aren’t able to meet face to face at the moment but you can have some lovely video chats with new prospective suppliers, so it’s nearly like being in the room!

I Have the Date on Everything

You’ve spent ages planning, ordering and getting everything just right and now you have a ton of stuff with the original date on and then what happens? Yep, Coronavirus postponed your wedding!


Well, call me crazy but you could use this to your advantage. Don’t throw it all away and think you have to start all over again. You could make this into a theme for your wedding; so rather than hide the fact you had to postpone…embrace it.

You chose your original date for a reason, bring that date with you and make it a part of your new wedding date, it will sort of join the two together. It could make your new wedding even more special by paying homage to the original date.


I have re-jigged the due dates for my client’s payments to reflect the new date, I hope your suppliers have done the same if they can. It is a small thing but there is inevitably going to be some extra planning that will require a burden on your finances at a time when you don’t really need it.

One Last Thing

When your wedding day arrives and it will, love absolutely every minute of it; Coronavirus postponed your wedding, it won’t ruin it!!

Remember Folks, Stay Home, Stay Safe.

Claire 😊


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