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Well it has been a bit strange since Covid-19 or Corona landed on our shores. This is week 2 of lockdown, so what have I been up to?

Postponed Weddings

The first and happiest thing was being able to move to new dates for my lovely couples who are getting married this year. It has been quite a tumultuous time for them but they now have secured new dates and I am looking forward to capturing their stories. In these unusual times it is good to be as accommodating as possible, and for those that were due payments, I have amended the due dates to reflect their new wedding date. Little things like this help to alleviate the stresses that we are all experiencing at the moment.


It has been sad that I have not been able to photograph the newborns that were due to come in, but safety first and to be able to chart a different phase of their first year will be just as exciting. When things do finally lift it will good to get photographing again and I will be bursting with creativity too!

Facebook and Instagram

I am continuing to add images to my Instagram account but my Facebook Business Page is taking a different twist at the moment. It is there that I am posting all the bits and bobs I have been up to. We are all in the same boat, so it’s quite interesting to see how this time is used. If you want to see how things are panning out, pop over there to see if I am keeping up the good work 😊


Luckily, I had some DIY projects I wanted to complete, already in stock was the paint for two of them and I had stuff leftover from another job to use up so big tick there. The furniture upcycling is going great guns and I should be finished in the next two days. It has been fixed and painted and I must admit I am rather pleased. Next on the list is the re-decoration of one room and the oiling of the chairs is another project that has started. Covid-19 may have limited our physical scope but it doesn’t have to limit our achievements.


Well I’ve had a ball watching ‘lives’ from a Facebook friend. He is an amazing cook and after seeing so many dishes pop up on his feed, I jumped at the chance to learn a thing or two about Italian cooking. Gnocchi is my new best friend, I watched a ‘live’ and then made it from scratch. From a dubious foodstuff that I wasn’t a fan of, I now love it. Pasta ‘lives’ have been watched, but I am a bit scuppered until the pasta machine arrives. I can’t wait to try my hand at making this. I am rather hoping for Portuguese Tarts ‘Natas’ at some point, different country but why not. Covid-19 says we can’t travel but there’s nothing to stop the taste buds having a wander. Various food has already been posted on my page…yummy!  He runs pasta courses so when I get the link I will be posting it to my Facebook page.


It has been lovely to have guilt free chats, most enjoyable and something to be cherished.

The Honest Photographer

This is a smashing Facebook group created by the one and only James Musselwhite. He has created a brilliant space for all geeky photographers to hang out. Every week there is all sorts going on and people are going ‘live’ to share creativity and learning. This is such a great way to continue to learn and keep one’s spirits up. Covid-19, you can’t keep this gal down.

Learning a New Skill

Michelle Whitmore a very talented photographer pal, popped a YouTube link to Facebook on learning basic BSL – British Sign Language. It is aimed at children but it’s a language all of us can have a go at. You never know when you may brighten someone’s day with just a little communication in the language they rely on. If you are interested here is the link:-

Elizabeth Harbour

My friend Elizabeth is a very talented Artist, Illustrator, Printmaker and Crafter; she is a regular contributor to Country Living magazine. Elizabeth has started a video channel on Instagram with all sorts of things to try. It’s the ideal time to learn a new skill and poke Covid-19 in the eye; here is the link to while away a few minutes:-

Elizabeth has a wonderful website that is worth a browse too:-

Phew reading this lot back makes me feel shattered!!!

Whatever you are up to folks, make sure you stay safe and why don’t you click on some of the links; it could open up a whole world of amazing things.

Claire 😊

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