You’re Engaged – Fantastic

If you are engaged then you are probably having fun looking for the suppliers that will be just the right fit for your wedding.

It can be daunting working out what you want and how much you want to spend.

Step by Step Guide to your Supplier Budget

Step 1 – Work out your overall budget for the wedding; so, the maximum you want to spend on absolutely everything.

Step 2 – Make a list of the things that you want for your wedding from venue, which will probably be your largest outlay, down to wedding favours. Include everything you want for your wedding.

Step 3 – Sort the list into what is most important and what you want to spend the most on; item one being the most important with the highest portion of your budget.

Step 4 – Now allocate the amount you wish to spend on each item of your wedding.

Step 5 – Add everything up and if you are at your maximum or lower then great. If not, you will need to make some amendments.

Step 6 – Take a breather, have a cuppa, then go back to the list. Look at the bottom least important items on the list. Look at what you have allocated to spend.

Step 7 – Look at pricing for the bottom items on the list and see if the budget you have allocated is realistic for the average price of the item.

Step 8 – Now this is the ‘biggy’, if the budget is very slender you will be looking to book the suppliers who operate at the cheaper end of the market. If that element of your wedding day didn’t turn out quite as you expected, how would you feel? If you say “well it wasn’t the most important part of my day so that’s life”, then you are fine. This item is in the right position. If you think you might be a bit sad then time to think about moving it up the list.

Step 9 – Look at the most important elements of your day with the highest budget. You are looking to probably book in the higher end of the market, so are you really that fussed or can that item move down.

What’s Important

It’s a good way of really thinking about what is important to you both. No two couples are the same and what they want for their wedding day isn’t the same.
There is so much out there at the moment, couples often think they have to have it all in order to have the best day.

Sooo Much Choice

In reality, a lot of the stuff available to couples now can entice them to place most a massive amount of importance in the planning. On your wedding day it actually means nothing and can have you wondering what on earth you were thinking.

Keeping it Real

Being able to think things through before you go wedding shopping means you are less likely to get carried away on the crest of a wave. If you are planning to go to lots of wedding fayres, your list with budget will keep you focussed on what is important to you both.

Have a go, you might be surprised!


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