Make an Impression with your corporate headshot

They say that it takes as little as 7 seconds to make a first impression, and this will include traits like your trustworthiness. Does your corporate headshot create that vital first impression?

In today’s world where everything is on-line, often the first port of call is the web for a person to research you, and this could be where you make your first impression.

How Do I Know This?

The lady you see in this blog came to me because she was very unhappy with her corporate headshot; she is a specialist Lawyer in London. It did not show her personality, her professionalism and her approach. She came to me to get the right set of images for her corporate headshot. I knew what kind of impression she wanted to make and we discussed how I would approach this. She left the session having seen her images and knowing that this was how she wished to be presented.

Your Corporate Image

Can you imagine losing business because of the image you have on your web site and social media is not giving you that vital first impression that is so important?

You aren’t even getting the chance to meet your potential clients and to chat to them about why you could be the right person for them; all because your corporate headshot did not do you justice.

Phones are so Good Today; I can do it Myself

Yes, you can but no matter how good a phone is, no matter how good you are at selfies; this will still be a selfie on a phone. Is this the first impression you want your clients to have of you? A first impression that you are happy just to snap away on your phone. Could this give them the idea that your commitment to them could be just as transient? These are all questions worth asking yourself, it’s amazing what assumptions can be made in 7 seconds.

Why Choose Me?

Firstly, I am a professional photographer, using professional equipment. I am a Qualified Master Photographer and people are my thing! When you come to me, it will be about getting the right corporate headshot for your business, the right look that will appeal to your clients and most importantly making the right impression in that vital 7 seconds.

This is going to be expensive!

No, a corporate headshot doesn’t have to be. I have fabulous individual mini sessions and 2 high res images with full commercial reproduction rights at just £65.00. If you are looking for several people to have their corporate headshot then I operate on an hourly basis, again with full commercial reproduction rights of the images supplied, as this is a more cost-effective way to photograph several people.

Remember it only takes 7 seconds…

Claire 😊