Country House Glamour & Fun


If you are looking for a backdrop of splendour then a country house is your wedding.

Waking Up!

You as the bride could be waking up on your wedding day in the best suite in the country house, you snuggle into a fluffy robe and have breakfast in bed. Your girls are down the hall and the boys are having fun elsewhere.

Soon the preparations start, you have your lace and silk cover up to get ready in style; hair and make-up is started whilst the champagne is opened. Your dress is hanging safely in the oversized wardrobe and this is your time. Soon the photographer will be here to capture the fun of the preparations, all those little details that you spent time choosing will be photographed along with the most important dress you will ever wear; your wedding dress. Before you know it, the time has come to marry your amazing partner.

As the groom you will arrive wearing an amazing suit, there will be time to head to the bar to catch up with family and friends. Your photographer will capture those all important photographs of you and your boys, buttonholes will be attached, ties perfected and before you know it you will be waiting at the end of the aisle, as you turn there they are at the door and this glorious sight is enough to take your breath away. They walk up the aisle towards you and at that moment you are the luckiest man in the world.


Drinkies and Fun

In your country house the weather doesn’t matter; if the weather is not so good the guests can wander around the many wood panelled rooms taking in the splendour of your wedding venue. On a warm sunny day, drinks are served on the immaculate lawns, waiters mingle with canapés. Your guests chat and laugh, stories are told, jokes are shared and there is a sense of merriment in the air. Whatever the weather you are mingling together and everyone is so happy for you; you are the most beautiful couple. Your photographs are taken in the grounds or the house and you can start to appreciate all that your venue has to offer. This is a little time for you, a little time to say….eeeek we are married!!!


Your Grand Entrance

Before you know it the announcement is made to be seated in the ballroom for the wedding breakfast. A little more time to freshen up and be ready to make your grand entrance through the wood panelled double doors. There are cheers, claps and whistles as you walk through the room with everyone so happy for you; please be upstanding for the new …l

Amazing food is served by the resident country house chef; you have chosen this and you remember that day at the tasting, the excitement you felt and here you are on the best day of your life. The speeches go down a storm and you might cut your cake before coffee and petits fours are served.


Before the Party

Gradually you and your guests leave the room, the doors are shut whilst a magical transformation takes place. This is the ideal time to have some photographs in the evening sun or the dusk when a warm glow pervades the house. Perhaps you can take a sneak peek at the honeymoon suite, perhaps you can have some beautiful classical portraits there to remember this amazing room. A little freshen up…


Let’s Party!

Now it’s time to get excited for the evening; the double doors open once more and your ballroom takes on a whole new look, it truly is magical. The guests flow in to much ooohs and ahhhs and then it’s time to make another grand entrance and to welcome your evening guests just before your song comes on. The first dance to your song, your special song the room is full of people but you are so in the moment it’s just you dancing together on the best day of your lives.

The music tempo changes, this is the time to party. The boys are dancing the only way boys can after a few beers. The girls kick of their heels and pop on their filp flops ready to dance the night away. Outside cigars are smoked; photographs are taken, fun is had, this truly is the time to be silly. This is the best day, this is our day, this day will live forever in our hearts.


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Exclusive Wedding Venue - Fab, Funky & Fun


If you are looking for a dedicated wedding venue then this is your wedding.

The Morning

As you slip into your luxurious silk chemise and cover up, the wedding prep can begin. The room has dedicated hair and make-up stations, champers and snacks are on hand.  There is a beautifully presented continental breakfast for you all to nibble on. Music is playing, everyone is talking excitedly and laughing about the Hen celebrations. Your photographer arrives to capture these wonderful moments.  All of a sudden a few nerves begin, not nasty nerves but excited nerves. Today is here, it’s happening, it’s going to be so much fun. You know your guests are arriving, they are having fun and you can’t wait to see them. Your dedicated wedding planner pops in and out to see how you are.  They are a comfort to you; they have been with you every step of the way and they are here today to see you get married.

It’s time to dress, eeek, it’s time to dress!!!! Everyone is seated and they are waiting for you.


Your Marriage

Your the groom and you’ve been with the boys getting ready and now it’s time to head to the bar to meet your family and friends. You feel good in your suit, you take one last look in the mirror and you know you are looking pretty hot today. It’s great to see everyone and you are a bit nervous so chatting takes your mind of things. Your photographer arrives to take some photographs of you and the boys, you love to lark about but before you know it you are having your interview with your registrars in the room where you are getting married. You look round and you know your partner is going to love it.

What seems like an eternity; the door opens and there they are, walking up the aisle towards you, time stops as you lock eyes.

There are giggles during the ceremony because you both get a bit tongue tied, you love your photographer and they are there capturing these very special moments, their presence is a source of comfort to you. Ahhh at last the first kiss; then the signing of the register and a deep breath…we’ve done it!

As you walk down the aisle your photographer is capturing your happiness and you see your wedding planner smiling and waiting to greet you with champers that you see gently and enticingly bubbling in the glass. Some photographs at the door and that first glorious sip of your champers as a married couple.

Let’s Celebrate!

There is a party atmosphere.  Everyone is chatting away; canapés are being served and you know that there is plenty of room to have fun inside should the weather be a bit; well like our weather really. Along comes your dedicated events manager with your very own canapés, beautifully presented; you feel a million dollars.

Everything in this venue is perfectly located for your photography; you wander off for that all important alone time to the many beautiful spots for your romantic portraiture,. Your photographer makes you laugh so much, you don’t feel at all worried as you get some the most important photographs that anyone will ever take of you.

Your wedding planner calls the guests to be seated and you have some time to look back at your beautiful venue. As you wander towards the door to your reception room, you both laugh and chat excitedly. The doors open and all the people you love are waiting to see you and clap and cheer as you make your way to the table. When you sit, you know it’s time to relax and enjoy the meal you carefully chose all those months ago. Oh dear it’s time for the speeches, stories are told that have you in stitches and what happened on ‘tour’ does not stay on ‘tour’!!!!

Time to Party

Before the party beings, you sneak out with your photographer for some more portraiture around the venue, this time of the day is so lovely. The light is enveloping and creates a totally different feel to earlier. It’s so lovely to have a little bit of time alone.

The evening celebrations kick off with the cutting of the cake, followed by your first dance; it’s your song, a song that brings back so many memories then the tempo changes and everyone floods onto the dance floor, this is great it’s just how you imagined.

Oh go on then one last photograph; then off to party whilst the boys do their thing with cigars. This was everything we imagined and more.


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