Wiston House Wedding Venue in West Sussex - Holly and Dorian

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Good Afternoon Folks,

This week's pre wedding photography shoot sees us at Wiston House with the lovely Holly and Dorian. This is another very special wedding for me as this is the daughter of two very good pals of mine Lisa and Phill. This is turning out to be quite the year for being honoured I can tell you!

I haven't ever photographed at Wiston House before so I was very excited to get the chance to photograph a wedding there and wow this venue did not disappoint. We all popped along one open evening last summer after Holly and Dorian had booked their day and it was great to have a wander to take in all the elements and pick out some exciting spots. Lisa and Phill have photographed there on numerous occasions so it was good to wander and chat with them.

I loved the pre-wedding shoot because it was a good chance to get really cracking and work out what would work for them as a couple with the theme of their wedding, and we have definitely picked some brilliant spots for drama and others for good old fashioned silly fun. Those of you that know me well will know that I do love being minxish, so all being well weather wise it should all come together!

The dress has again been designed by no other than the magnificent one herself, the one and only Emma Tindley. I was also extremely privileged to be there right at the very beginning and I am humbled again to see this dress come to life; thank you Holly for letting me be a part of something so special…cue tears!

I hope you enjoy the images as much as I did taking them, and don't forget to tune back in for the shenanigans of the day. Oh Katie and Tim had some brilliant shenanigans/frolics; I laughed to much my sides hurt so keep a look out for their wedding blog folks. N.B Holly and Dorian I do love frolicking so watch out ;)

Have a great evening and enjoy the warmth of this amazing summer,

Claire :)

Ardingly Wedding Photography in West Sussex - Katie and Tim






Good Afternoon Folks,

Say hello to Katie and Tim; they are two very special people and I am honoured to be photographing their wedding. I am always honoured but Katie is a very good pal of mine so you can imagine what an emotional day this is going to be! To top it all the wonderfully and fantastic designer that can only be Emma Tindley has designed Katie's dress. This is also something very special as I have been to most of the fittings and I have loved seeing Katie's dress come to life from the very first time she visited Emma's boutique to choose her dress.

I am very excited about the wedding and as soon as I saw the venue and theme I was immediately taken to one of my favourite books; I am not going to spill the beans now but it was also a brilliant TV series too, and I cannot wait to see it come to life :)

We popped out one evening for the pre-wedding photography shoot and had a meander around Ardingly. The evening light was sublime and just take a look at those azure blue skies. When Katie and I get together, we can be quite juvenile so bridesmaids watch out what we have in store for you. I love having a bit of minxish fun and you can bet this wedding is going to be all things minxish... poor Tim!

Ummm let's get on to Tim who I think was a little afraid what might be in store for him. We were naughty telling him about the naked photography and I think he believed it for a bit; well didn't believe it then when we looked serious and didn't budge he thought that's what might be in store for him. Don't worry Tim, it won't hurt a bit ;)

There will be some amazing classic cars at the wedding too as this is Tim's pedigree and Katie is car mad; I have already been introduced to one sexy little lady, a Spitfire mark 2. Go on girl give us a roar on the day; she sounds absolutely fabulous.

So that's all I am going to divulge for now and you will have to tune back in to catch up with all the shenanigans from the big day. In the meantime here area few images from the shoot. Don't worry Tim there are loads more for you to see on your slideshow, but it was hard to choose a few for this blog. I love laughter and there is sure to be loads on the day along with prolific crying from me!

Claire :)

Buxted Park Hotel Wedding Venue - Wenjing and Julian

Good Morning Folks,

Another pre-wedding photography shoot and today we are at Buxted Park Hotel nr Uckfield in East Sussex.

I do love a bit of Buxted Park; it is always a joy to photograph there and anyone who walks through their door is always met with such a friendly welcome, so it's no surprise to see why it is such a popular wedding venue.

Wenjing and Julian have been arranging their wedding from abroad as they live and work in the Netherlands. I do take my hat off to them as there is so much to do and adding into the mix with travelling to a fro it cannot be easy, but they have done a brilliant job and it was great fun to catch up with them at the shoot. As you can see from the weather the rain was lurking in the background but we managed the whole shoot without rushing and not a drop appeared until I was in the car making my way back home!

I am really looking forward to their day as the theme of their wedding will be a celebration of both home countries and their life now. As we wandered around the hotel it was great to chat about their plans for this theme.

So I leave you today with a selection of images from the shoot; there is one of Wenjing next to the blossom, this time of year is so spectacular with the perfusion of colour that is a feast for the eyes; but you cannot beat white against a backdrop of green to really get in the mood for a lovely wedding.

Have a fab weekend folks; it's a busy one for me with some rain dodging I feel!

Claire :)buxted-park-hotel-uckfield-wedding-venues-in-east-sussesx-wedding-photographers buxted-park-hotel-uckfield-wedding-venues-in-east-sussesx-wedding-photographers1 buxted-park-hotel-uckfield-wedding-venues-in-east-sussesx-wedding-photographers2 buxted-park-hotel-uckfield-wedding-venues-in-east-sussesx-wedding-photographers3 buxted-park-hotel-uckfield-wedding-venues-in-east-sussesx-wedding-photographers4

Pre-Wedding Shoot Photography at Leeds Church and Aylesford Priory - Natalie and Steve






Good Morning Folks,

Some pre-wedding photography for you all today and say hello to Natalie and Steve who are getting married at Leeds Church and their gorgeous wedding venue is Aylesford Priory. I love the theme they have chosen for their wedding and this really does fit beautifully with the church and venue. For those of you that may be a little confused the Leeds I am talking about is near Maidstone adjacent to Leeds Castle, not the Leeds 'up north'!

We started off at the church and as you all probably know I do love a good door and yup this church has a brilliant door that suits Steve perfectly. The grounds are extensive and it suits the timings on the day to spend a little bit of time here with just Natalie and Steve after they are married. Aylesford Priory is a working monastery and a really tranquil place to be. I am going to be truly spoiled as there are so many lovely spots; I just hope the weather allows us to have a wander, so whoever is in charge of the weather remote, be nice to us…please :)

I had the great honour of photographing Natalie's Sister's wedding a couple of years ago so it will be really nice to see everyone again for another celebration and another honour of capturing Natalie and Steve's wedding.

Have a great day folks; it’s all very busy behind the scenes here at WHP headquarters so I must now say adieu and get back to work.

Claire :)

Fulham Palace Wedding Venue - Claire and Johnny







Good Afternoon Folks,

I hope this finds you well and ready to read about the pre wedding photography shoot at Fulham Palace of Claire and Johnny.

When I first met Claire we had such a giggle and wandering around the gorgeous grounds of Fulham Palace with them both was no different. We had such fun as we made all sorts of plans for their big day. This venue is set in the heart of London adjacent to the River Thames but it feels a world away from the hub bub of the outside world, this really is a tranquil paradise.

Firstly there is the most gorgeous courtyard that takes me back to something a little Elizabethan for some reason (I don't think it is; note to self, research a bit of history) then a world of gorgeousness opens up along with a lovely cottage garden. I really do think we could be on a three week wedding photography fest here!! We spotted a very nice church just outside the grounds and I was all up for popping along to have a look; now Johnny is the font of all knowledge and informed us that this was the church that was used in the filming of The Omen; not wanting to have dodgy lines across my imagery I made a hasty retreat…oooooh scary!! I like wedding stories but not sure that would fit somehow and I would be petrified.

I am in a very privileged position to know the dress Claire will be wearing as it is another magnificent creation from our very own Emma Tindley, designer extraordinaire. There were frequent "I know what Claire's wearing" chants in a sing songy voice to Johnny. Johnny the wait and the surprise will be all the sweeter when you see your gorgeous bride for the first time; she will take your breath away. Claire seeing Johnny waiting for you at the end of the aisle will melt your heart. You two are gorgeous, wonderful and everything in between and I cannot wait to photograph your day :)

Claire :)

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Love from Me!!!


I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you to all my amazing clients; wow what a year and I have loved every minute of it. Thank you for being you and allowing me to be a part of your day and to all my portrait clients it is an absolute pleasure to be able to photograph you all and what a lucky girl I am :)

I hope you all have time to spend with your families and loved ones; make sure you eat plenty, chat and be silly because that's what it's all about.

Now where did I put those mince pies....

Claire :)