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Good Afternoon Folks,

This week we are back with wedding photography at the most beautiful wedding venue, the one and only Wakehurst Place in West Sussex to celebrate the marriage of Rosemary and James.

What an utterly sublime day for the both the weather and the seeing Rosemary and James’ happiness as they were married and ready to start a brand new chapter in their lives. I was so happy to see a wonderful Janeymac cake resplendent in the library and as usual it was another masterpiece from lovely Elaine. Rosemary was so relaxed and she had every reason not to be as the hotel where she was getting ready had a power cut so all preparations had to be done without any electricity; yup folks that can be quite tricky in the hair department but Rosemary was unfazed and looked radiant.

As usual it was wonderful working with Katie and the team who are so professional in everything they do. I have included a couple of detailed shots in today’s images as these are so important in any wedding day, I just love this first one as James picks up the ring just before he says his vows to make Rosemary his wife, then the next image is the wonderful moment that never fails to disappoint, the ring actually going on Rosemary’s finger. No matter how many times I see and photograph this moment I always find it exciting and emotional. Rosemary and James’ friend sang beautifully for their guests and I have included this image as I love the little moment they are having together as they are being serenaded. Now we all have to have the ‘signing’ of the register shots and these are in abundance at their wedding, but hey it is good to have a bit of fun once in a while and I love this, shall I, shan’t I look from Rosemary and James is oblivious…we girlies are being a bit minxish! Why do I love Wakehurst so much, well just look at the formal gardens; whatever time of year the gardens continue to delight and this is no mean feat from the team at Kew who maintain this beautiful but mahoosive property. Boys will be boys, but don’t ever change! For me weddings are all about fun, romance and happiness and I just love it when the lads muck about (I actually encourage it). It is great to laugh and we had so much fun doing these shots, so thank you lads you are brilliant. We now have a little bit of romance, a moment from a couple so very much in love and last but not least today a carefree moment as they wander back towards their guests…love it!

There is all sorts of exciting things going on at WHP Headquarters at the moment and I think combined they might just keep me out of trouble…..or will they!!!! 😉

Claire 🙂