Good Afternoon Folks,

I know, I know I promised a wedding photography blog today but I couldn’t resist showing you gorgeous Katie so I made and executive decision to have a portrait photography blog today.

Say hello to Katie who was a lovely bridesmaid at one of the weddings I photographed last year. She was so proud and happy to be supporting her uncle and new auntie that day and along with mummy did a splendid job.

So we had a discussion as to what we were going to do in the session, and as I do not operate the conveyor belt roll on, roll off policy we were able to take our time with some different things to have lots of fun and create something a little different. I do think that the high key background has it’s place, but I really do like to be able to create different looks in the studio that match my clients rather than wheel them in front of the generic white background for every shoot.

Katie was a joy in front of the camera and very at ease, she really was a pleasure photograph. I also had the chance to try out my funky new background too 🙂

I have chosen three images today and the first is showcasing the funky background, the other reason I chose it was for it’s simplicity and the intensity of Katie’s gaze into the camera, see I told you she was good. Oh I just love this image with Katie cuddling mum, what more can I say I love it. I have this photograph printed as a sample on some very beautiful paper that is pearlescent with a very, very soft metallic sheen. To appreciate it you really do have to see it. Lastly something that I think must be very associated with my style, very simple, classical lighting in black and white.

Pre-wedding shoots for 2014 are kicking off for me this weekend and I am very excited to start on the planning this year’s weddings with my lovely brides and grooms. I also want to do more portrait photography this year so I am looking forward to meeting all sorts of new people, how good is that 🙂

Have a great weekend folks; we have a new washing machine arriving; oh yeah party on down. It’s that moment when you pull the old one out and see what’s underneath…yuk!!! I long for the day when one is invented that wheels in and out easily so those jobs aren’t done once in a blue moon. Whoever nodded off at the back; wake up 😉 new appliances are exciting, they are, they are 😀

Claire 🙂