Good Evening Folks,

Welcome to the wedding photography of Lisa and Tim who were married at our very own St Swithun’s Church East Grinstead, West Sussex and then to the absolutely gorgeous Haxted Mill, Edenbridge, Kent afterwards for their reception.

The wedding day started at Lisa’s family home where I captured some moments before Lisa and her Father left. We then zipped off to the Church to capture Tim and the boys ahead of Lisa’s arrival. This was one of those days where the weather wasn’t prepared to let us know exactly what it was going to do. We were happy because the light was good and the rain that seemed to be just in the horizon never really materialised and it was warm so what more could a girl want; well a Ferrari, swimming pool, cleaner, ironer wouldn’t go amiss but that’s just being greedy!! Just before Lisa walked in with her Father, a few nerves kicked in so we all did lovely relaxing breathing exercises to make sure Lisa was ‘aisle fit’ and then before we knew it Lisa was walking down to marry the love of her life. I loved capturing their wedding service and being able to do this without being seen is something that I love. I don’t think that wedding vows should feature the wedding photographer in close proximity to the bride and groom or ‘gurning’ over the vicar’s shoulder. When you have such a magnificent space as this it is a crime not to make full use of these beautiful surroundings.

We had great fun outside the church, there were a few spits and spots of rain but nothing major; I really wasn’t sure if the downpour was going to materialise so we did some insurance portraiture at the church, just in case.

Haxted was just sublime with so many little nooks and crannies it was a difficult choice, but a choice was made and fun was had. I have chosen 5 images for today. How cute is this, a little documentary moment captured during the signing of the registers; it was quite a confined space but I am so pleased I managed to capture it. I do love the walking down the aisle shot, this one was great because it was a purely documentary moment and the only light that you see is emanating from a flash of the guest; with the settings I have on my camera I have managed to also keep the beautiful ambience of the church lighting and that’s where training comes in folks! Lisa wanted a shot of the boys holding her up, but she wasn’t banking on naughty me developing the shot and I think the surprise on her face is evident here; naughty Claire but I won’t change 😉 Love this of Lisa having a moment under the weeping willow at Haxted, just love it. This one is so sweet as Lisa and Tim steal a little kiss as their guests enjoy a drink and a chat.

I love all the couples that I photograph and I am so privileged to be a part of their day. I am also lucky that they trust me completely to capture the day as they would want it too, so thank you all my lovely brides and grooms you are wonderful. As for this year’s couples, he, he what have I in store for you?

Have a wonderful week and be sure to check back on Monday for surprise one of 2014.

Claire 🙂