Spa Hotel Tunbridge Wells Kent Wedding Photography - Andrea and Philip

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Good Morning Folks,

It has been a while since my last proper blog; things have been trés busy chez Woodland Hill and I have been busily making plans for the New Year.So welcome to the Spa Hotel Wedding Photography of Andrea and Philip and what an incredibly classy day this was.

Andrea and Philip first saw my stand at the Spa Hotel Wedding Fayre last year.I was on my way to an awards ceremony so did not get to meet them immediately but when I did we had so much fun I just knew we were going to have a brilliant day.

The big day started at The Royal Wells Hotel in Tunbridge Wells to capture Andrea's bridal preparations then we headed off to The Spa Hotel to meet Philip and capture the boys ahead of Andrea's arrival. I loved the fact that they giggled throughout their wedding ceremony and their giggling was so infectious that we were all at it!!! It was so lovely to see them so happy and relaxed in each other's company that the ceremony just flew by.

Great fun was had during the group shots with the King and Queen aka Philip's parents; I know that Andrea's mother will never look at her handbag in the same way again ;) Then it was off to create some drama and oh wow drama is what we created, love it!

I loved the fact that Andrea and Philip decided on a different layout in their reception room. They had a table with just the two of them sumptuously decorated with beautiful flowers. On the table were the most exquisite chocolates it was just wonderful. They had chosen a Janeymac cake that did not fail to take my breath away. After some evening photography the dancing began and what a perfect end to a perfect day.

So for today's images. This image was taken by the lake as we were walking back from the little bridge. Now this image I love because it oozes love but I know that Philip was being a minx before and after this shot. Andrea's daughter was singing for their first dance (it was sublime she has an angelic voice) she held it together quite well but just burst out laughing. He was so funny that we all fell about laughing too; love it!! This shot is a sneaky kiss as the guests were making their way into the hotel before the wedding breakfast, although surrounded by people it was such a private moment. Oooh look at this for a bit of drama; Andrea I will love you forever ;) I love this shot of Philip as we had a quiet 10 minutes taking a few shots in their wedding suite.

So are you all ready for Christmas? I sort of am; this month has been resisting the urge to buy Quality Street as this is a part of Christmas for me that harks back to my childhood. I wasn't going to then I just couldn't allow it to happen so the tub has been well and truly bought and the festive atmosphere is well and truly here!! We had a disaster this week; my Husband thought it would be a good idea to leave the freezer door open; I have reminded him at lot, and I mean a lot that it was not. Well when these opportunities arise one has to make the most of them doesn't one ;)

Claire :)