Good Afternoon Folks,

Welcome to the seaside wedding photography in Brighton East Sussex of Karen and Callan; the day was a scorcher and yes we are talking Brighton East Sussex in the UK and no I wasn’t dreaming!

Karen had the most amazing suite and it had gorgeous views overlooking the sea with a balcony and hot tub, it really was a tranquil and spacious place to enjoy getting ready before the wedding. I went downstairs to find the boys just arriving and we popped outside to get a few shots. After the wedding Karen and Callan had a stroll along the beach and I am sure they felt like celebrities as everyone was wishing them well.

So for today’s images; the first was taken in the suite and I love it because Karen looks so calm, she was so chilled all morning and only had very few nerves as she was being dressed and I think you can tell how chilled she looked from this shot and she looked absolutely radiant. Here is Callam looking splendid in his kilt and a fact for today, the sporen was inititally used as protection and I am sure you don’t need me to explain to protect what, then over the years evolved into the multi use pocket/purse it is today. I do love the walking down the aisle shots, the utter relief and happiness at being married and looking forward to some lovely celebrations with family and friends. There were lots ofsun lovers on the beach that day and I did love capturing some shots with Karen and Callan mingling but this is lovely as they are just having a quiet moment together to chat and catch a sneaky kiss or two. Last but not least that bench, which you may remember seeing from their pre-wedding shoot…I love that bench!

I am steadily workng away here trying to catch up with my editing and hoping that at last we can have some sustained sunshime.

Catch up soon,

Claire 🙂