Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to the all new Woodland Hill Photography blog 🙂

I recently photographed the West Sussex wedding of Imogen and Guy; the rain may have come a stayed but it did not deter us and a fabulous day was had by all. The wedding day started in West Chiltingdon West Sussex where Imogen was getting ready at her parents’ house. The one moment that was so poignant for me was Imogen’s mother placing the veil she had made on Imogen’s head; these moments are so transient in life so each and every one has to be savoured. The veil was made from the most beautiful silk tulle the same that was worn by the Duchess of Cambridge. The rain had started to really make is presence known as we headed to photograph the boys at Our Lady of England Church in Storrington West Sussex, so there were a few shots by the doors but to be honest that was about it.

We may see the rain as our foe but on this day it was my friend. Whilst capturing some documentary shots in the church a door came ajar to reveal the most magical site and I knew immediately that I wanted to take some photographs there. Luckily I was able to secure permission to do so after the service, so you see without the rain I may never have had the privilege of seeing this wonderful sight. The rain is not so good when Imogen arrives and literally has to sprint from car to door, giving Usain Bolt a run for his money! This has to rank as one of my top ten wedding ceremonies and yes folks I cried it was that beautiful, to the choir thank you and your voices are amazing. Being so picturesque and light we managed all the group shots in the church and then it was off to Dorset House for Imogen and Guy to relax with their guests.

So for the images today; we say ‘pah’ to the rain and and thank you so, so much Imogen and Guy for wanting to go outside; can you believe it folks they were apologising for taking me outside! I was just so happy that we could utilise some of the beautiful features of Dorset House. It’s on days like these that little nooks and crannies show their true value and the entrance to the barn was no exception; I loved the light and the leading lines in this image. This is my beauty that was behind the secret door and many thanks to Imogen’s mother and the Bishop for letting me take a few images here. The rain has made everything glisten and the church door almost looks like it has been gilded in gold, again the rain has added a beauty and magic to the day.

In contrast this week has shown us azure skies; what a rich and varied climate we have…wonderful! Saying that, an experienced photographer who has trained extensively will not be fazed by our rich and varied climate, we embrace it…