Good Afternoon Folks,

I recently photographed the wedding of Kelly and Darren at Crondon Park, Stock Essex and after a glimpse of spring the week before the beast from the east came to greet us!

It did not hamper the fun we had on the day and I must take my hat off to Kelly who was not at all bothered braving the cold/snow/rain/wind and any other weather phenomenon that you want to throw into the mix. She refused her shrug and a blanket, now that is one very hardy bride!

The wedding day started at Kelly and Darren’s house in Chelmsford, Essex then we met with the boys at Crondon Park before awaiting Kelly’s arrival. It was a lovely day and a smidgen weird bossing people around that I had known for such a long time; I made hay while the sun shone though 🙂

So here are today’s images (apologies once again for the watermarks) and we kick off with an image of Kelly in the ceremony room and I just love the way the light catches the folds of her dress. Image two is of young Dazzler pre-wedding looking extremely suave, relaxed and not a bit cold! The third image showcases the beautiful fountain at Crondon and was a favourite feature for Kelly and Darren; it really does come into its own at night, note my insistence on Kelly wearing her shrug. Our final image for today is of the first dance and something I always love to photograph. Kelly also had a dance with her Dad afterwards and it was about the millionth time I cried that day…what a wuss!!

Well I thought Spring had arrived, it popped in to say hello and I was overjoyed to hang my washing out; yes a sneaky glimpse into the glamorous life of a photographer; then it waved bye bye!

Looking forward to catching up with you all next week and have a relaxing weekend. I am exhibiting at Wakehurst Place on Sunday so if you are in the area be sure to pop in and say hello.

Claire 🙂

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