Good Afternoon Folks,

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous little man; he was such a good boy for the whole session; it was giggles and smiles in abundance.

I first met Mummy who was a guest at a wedding I photographed a couple of years ago and it was really lovely to catch up with her and to meet little Thomas for the first time.

I really love photographing babies at this age; it is so completely different to newborn photography. At this stage in their little lives they are sitting up unaided, everything in the world is exciting and wonderful and deserves their full attention! There is nothing like a gorgeous little baby who just giggles and laughs.

Today I am posting just two images and apologies for the heavy watermarking. The first image is of Thomas having a thoughtful moment in the basket and I have chosen this because he looks like he is having a power nap! The second image of today demonstrates why I love this stage; it all smiles and chubby cheeks…just lovely.

So how did we all cope with that onslaught of snow; luckily for me I was able to stay indoors and edit this week’s wedding…phew!

Have a great week all,

Claire 🙂