Welcome to part two of my article about choosing the suppliers for your wedding. Today I am going to chat about some of the amazing suppliers that I have the privilege of working alongside on a wedding day.
Venues – We are extremely lucky to have so many beautiful venues in our area and it must be incredibly difficult to make a decision.Having such a huge choice also means that there will be something for everyone too.Choosing your venue really depends on what you have in mind.So the best thing to do is have a chat about what you both like, is it a grand house, a rustic barn, an intimate manor house or perhaps a marquee.Once you have decided on a list then I would throw a couple of wildcards in the mix too!
The Dress – Oh the dress; where do we start! My biggest piece of advice here is not to over shop when looking for the dress; you will wear yourself out and get bored. Decide on your budget and then try and look for the boutiques in your price range. Perhaps go to a couple out of budget to see the difference too. When I was married the dress was one of the most important elements for me. My dress was made by a designer and my consultations were with the designer rather than buying though a stockist. To be honest the price I paid was in the region of some of the ready made designer dresses that were available at the time; the big difference being that my dress was made just for me to my exact measurements. For me it was a no brainer as I would never have been able to have that experience in a normal bridal boutique.
Videographer – A videographer is a wonderfully talented person who captures the moving story of your day. A professional videographer will not just point and shoot, the skills and talents although different as are as much in abundance as my profession.
Room dressers – I have seen some rooms that have made me almost breathless with their beauty. Again it will depend on your budget but try to choose experienced companies as again this not an easy job as some would lead you to believe.
The Toastmaster – A good toastmaster is an amazing person and 80% of his job is the stuff you will not see him doing; why? Because he is good at his job! If you allocate members of the wedding party some of the jobs a toastmaster will do then you are putting them under a lot of pressure on the day. By having a toastmaster you are allowing them to enjoy your day too. Get a good toastmaster and you will have so much fun; good toastmasters are happy, humorous and lovely people.
The Cake – I have tasted a lot of cake in my time and I know good cake when I taste it. Be bowled over by the outside and go to heaven when you taste the inside. Let your cake maker set up the cake at the venue; trying to save pennies and doing it yourself could result in tears if it all goes wrong!
This post is turning into something out of war and peace so I am going to leave you today with a link that will take you to my suppliers page on my website. I love working with these people and there is a little dialogue about each one. If you click here it will take you straight there!
Have a great day folks and I have a lovely little newborn to introduce to you next week.

Claire 🙂