Good Afternoon Folks,

This is my second post featuring images from the Olympus OMD and today I am going to talk about the 12-35mm and 25mm lens that I have now purchased for the camera.

When I first purchased the body it was priced such that to buy a kit, which included a lens was just as cost effective as buying the body only so I obviously plumped for that. The only other agonising decision was the choice of a silver or black body. I went for the black as they were taking delivery of those first, so no contest!

Anyway back to lenses; the kit lens was a 12-50mm (24-100 equiv) 3.5-6.3; it also had the benefit of a 40mm (90 equiv) macro. I am going to be honest I do not like the varying range of aperture for the photography that I like to do so the range was too much for me personally, I do however use it for its macro element. I do love a plain an simple 50mm prime lens and I decided there and then to purchase the 25mm (50 equiv) Panasonic/Leica 1.4 and I have not been disappointed. I also like the fact that the lenses are supplied with hoods; the Olympus ones are not and have to be purchased separately and this irks me somewhat. I think I am used to buying lenses for my work cameras and it would be unheard of to not have a hood. So Olympus this is something that I think you should address.

In my work I really love my 24-70mm 2.8 and it seemed so strange not to have one with the Olympus. Panasonic came up trumps again with the 12-35mm (24-70 equiv) 2.8; it was not cheap but again was worth every penny and when the camera comes with me to weddings or pre-wedding shoots, this is the lens of choice. I do love using the 25mm in the studio though.

In my next post I will chat about my zoom lens a little bit and provide an image to show the Olympus OMD working at a higher iso.

So today’s image was taken just as the sun was setting; such a beautiful time of day and Tony was looking out to sea just enjoying the last of the sun’s rays. Technical information iso 250, 1/250 @f4 using the Panasonic 12-35mm 2.8 at 29mm.

This was taken whilst we were on holiday where the same gang gather together every year; ahh happy days 🙂