Good Evening Folks,

In keeping with what I fondly call geek week, which is the annual international convention hosted by The Societies I really thought that today’s post should be about something geeky.

Last year I was on the lookout for a personal camera that I could take with me when having a day off. I love my work cameras and they really are like faithful friends but I think they need time off too! Joking aside I did not always want to carry bigger and heavier gear around with me when I was on leisure time, but was there a camera out there that would not limit or frustrate me?

One rare free Saturday and on a whim, my husband and I trotted off to Park Cameras in Burgess Hill, which is quite close to us. I had seen and heard a lot about mirrorless cameras; and every photographer lusts after a Leica but there are some new kids on the block and the Olympus OMD is among them. As luck would have it Park Cameras had an Olympus representative with them that weekend, so it really was a good chance for me to chat extensively about the camera and put it through its paces.

My business consists mainly of wedding, portrait and location photography and when I have my wedding and location hat on a camera that is exceptional in low light is a must. I just couldn’t bring myself to purchase something that would not pass muster even when photographing for pleasure. I spent a long time really testing the low light capabilities of the OMD and I was most impressed at the quality of the imagery at a high iso. After about 2 1/2 hours of questions, tests, questions and deliberations I took the plunge and made the purchase; have I regretted it? No, and it was agony having to wait because at that time the cameras were on back order!

This little gem made its way from being a personal camera to being fully incorporated into my business! I use it alongside my faithful friends at every commission and it is a fabulous little minx in the studio. I thought that I would make 2013 the year to blog and post pictures from this little beauty.

So today I am starting off with an image I took last summer!!! Yes it was summer folks!

I used the Olympus OMD with the Panasonic Leica 25mm lens; although the weather was awful the light was good and I was able to use iso 200. I will try and vary the imagery so you can get a real feel for how this baby works in varying light conditions. I will also chat about the lenses I decided to buy and why.

Enjoy your week and now things have settled down from Christmas and the convention I am hoping to get back to my usual twice a week blog.


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