Good Morning and a Happy New Year to you all,

So I am starting the new year with a real cutie called Charlotte; I photographed her Mummy and Daddy’s wedding four years ago so I was lovely to see Catherine again.

There is something really special when you have a job that enables you to share in the joy of the happiest milestones in your clients’ lives and I often think that the profession I am in must be one of the very few to enjoy this.

Charlotte is 12 weeks in this image and it is quite incredible how little ones change so rapidly from newborn to little babies.  I do love the newborn stage,  this is so short lived and the ideal time to photograph your little ones is in the first two weeks after birth.  Once this very brief stage has passed, your little one’s muscles will start to develop and their neck strength will develop day by day. Their eyesight will also start to develop quite rapidly too, so capturing those serene images does become harder because they have the ability to observe much more the world that surrounds them.  It always amazes me how short a time being newborn really is and when I see these little marvels for their next session it is hard to believe they were ever that small; a little bit sad but lovely at the same time,because they are developing and growing into bonny babies!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year;  I spent time with my family and friends, some who I have not seen for quite some time due to work commitments so it was really good to kick back, eat chocolate and be merry 🙂

One last thing, it’s not raining….hurrah!!!!!


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