Good Morning Everyone,

I thought I would keep the festive theme going and post an alternative view of my Christmas tree. As you can see I am not known to hold back on the decs! This week is the last week that orders can be made to ensure they arrive in time for Christmas; so things are a little hectic chez Woodland Hill!

The majority of the sessions are for Christmas surprises and I will not be blogging anything from these until January so as not to ruin things. There is all sorts of subterfuge going on at the moment and I love it 🙂 I also have some nice blog posts planned for January that will cheer up what can be quite a dreary month.

I am starting to feel a wonderful atmosphere now as everyone is planning their Christmas with loved ones. I love getting together with my family to make new memories and reminisce over our childhood Christmases, which are dear to my heart. We had huge Christmases as a child and I loved them; I think my Mother, Nan and Aunts were such troopers to make everything so special and memorable. There are so many stories to be told and it is great telling my cousins who are not so little now the antics that my Brother and my Cousins got up to when we were younger; often met with a few glares from the elders…ahh happy days! For those of you who know me would probably not be surprised to know that antics were involved somewhere; and for my poor parents it was double trouble with my Brother and me 🙂

If you are having your Christmas party this week have a great time and enjoy singing along to all those Christmas classics.