Good Morning,

The image from today is a blast from the past; well last year! I am in the middle of doing a print order and this was one of the chosen ones. As soon as I opened the file I remembered how emotional this shot was. Graham’s Mother is not too well and had to leave the wedding early; as they were saying goodbye to her she started crying and Graham bent down to comfort her. It was just one moment in time, but when I look at the image I am immediately transported back to the emotion that I felt when I pressed the shutter, so I cannot imagine the emotions that Graham was feeling. It seemed so right to have it in today’s blog post; today is 11.11.11 and at 11.11 I will be remembering all of those who fought to give us the freedom and democracy that we all enjoy so freely today.

On another note; there has been much excitement in East Grinstead this week with the opening of Peter Andre’s New York Coffee Club. Peter Andre is a resident of East Grinstead and has chosen to open his first coffee shop in his hometown. Monday and Wednesday saw screaming girlies, a few celebrities and free coffee. I don’t think I have ever seen the High Street with crowd control, Police and bouncers all at the same time!

Have a great weekend everyone; I will be exhibiting at 116 Pall Mall on Sunday 13th November and I have a very special studio session tomorrow so a busy one for me.