Good Morning,

Recently I photographed the wedding of Jane and Nick. We started off at the most gorgeous St Bartholomew’s Church in Burstow then the fun ensued at the Copthorne Hotel London Gatwick. We had loads of fun on the day and I was laughing so much my sides began to ache! Nick has a close group of friends who really looked after them both on the day, so thank you lads for all your help. I have chosen two images of Nick and Jane for this post, but the third one was with the lads. I saw this location and immediately thought of Star Trek, so we did a ‘beam me up Scotty’ inspired shot; much to the amusement of people walking by! You really do not want to know where we went next but the looks got even stranger; ahhh happy days!

I hope you are all having a productive week, I have been busy editing, designing albums and yesterday I had a great test shoot for a commission coming up in Spring 2012.

Live long and prosper 🙂