Good Morning,

Something a little different today and may not be to everyone’s taste but I like to experiment with my photography. Alexis came along with her Mum to have a portrait sitting and we had a great session using high, mid and low key styles. At the end of the session I wanted to try something a little different and my aim was to try and create an ethereal ghost like image and here it is.

When I take a photograph, my aim is to try and capture what I have in my head at the time so I end up with a real photograph rather than the composite/montage digital art that seems to be popular now, which relies entirely on photoshop. This image was created in the studio with very little post production and is what Alexis saw on the back of my camera during the session.

I had a very busy weekend photographing a wedding in the most glorious Autumn sunshine followed by some lovely chats with potential wedding clients and I am pleased to say I will now be photographing their special days next year. They have new and exciting things planned so I am getting excited already!

Have a great week everyone.