Good Morning,

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed dodge the rain! I photographed a beautiful wedding reception at the <a href=””>Felbridge Hotel</a> yesterday. It was a genre of wedding that was new to me so I was naturally nervous, but I had done a lot of research and chatted quite extensively to the family; so now it was to put everything into practise.

Once I had taken the first image I was fine and the day flowed beautifully. The family and friends were an absolute pleasure to photograph and I loved the vibrancy and colours that surrounded me. The aim of the photography for the Bride and Groom was ‘regally romantic’ and it really suited the occasion; my Bride was so demure and beautiful and having her handsome husband by her side really made for some wonderful moments.

So today it is to make a start on the editing and re-live the day again, which is something I love to do with every wedding that I photograph.

Have a great week everyone,