Good Morning and Happy New Year to you all. It has been a little while since I posted in my blog and I just cannot believe how the time flies.

Well it is the start of a new year and let’s hit it off with some recent images of Poppy and the Gang. Poppy had a studio sitting and her friends joined in, we all had a great time; they were all a little shy but after a bit of cajoling got into the spirit of things and what a gorgeous bunch they are.

December was a busy month all in all, and I had a brilliant couple of days in Cardiff with Mark Cleghorn and the PT4U team. As some of you may know I was one of his ‘famous’ five finalists back in the summer and we were privileged enough to have two days of dedicated training. It was the most amazing opportunity to be able to have the chance for such dedicated training with him, and he has been keeping an eye on what we have been up to, so no slacking for us!! Getting together with the other finalists was great as we have all kept in touch with each other since the final, and congratulations to Tracy who has had a beautiful boy and is taking the whole thing in her stride.!

I am also excited as the annual SWPP convention is nearly here; followed by a seminar by my brilliant mentor Kevin Pengelly who is travelling from Suffolk to speak to the MPA members. Looking forward to it Kevin.

Well hope you all manage to get back in the swing of things and for me I feel happier knowing it is getting 2 minutes lighter every day.