November - Nell The Diva Dog!

I recently took some further head shots of Jake and we thought it would be fun to bring Nell along and give her a studio session. Well folks this must the world's first Diva Dog; we all had so much fun with the session, which will become apparent when you see the slideshow. To give you an insight into the wacky world of photographers, I was barking and howling to get her to 'sing' with me and tilt her head, and something that got her running around the studio was squirrels; not actual squirrels I hasten to add just the mere mention of them. The finale was the glasses as suggested by Mandi her owner; we both think she looks like Uncle Bulgaria from the Wombles.

Anyway enjoy the slideshow, this session had me splitting my sides.


November - Family Fun at East Court, East Grinstead

Good Morning,

I have added a new taster slideshow to my Studio and Locations slideshow page called Vicky's Family Fun Day out!

We all had great fun during the shoot and enjoyed the beautiful Autumn colours at the same time. I think we are so lucky to have the seasons and for photographers they create such a varied range of looks throughout the year. I use East Court a lot as is has lots of great photographic ingredients and with its look changing so much during the seasons, I never tire of going there.

Have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy the slideshow.