October - Project i phone

I love the cameras that I use for my professional photography and I am a Nikon D700 full frame user.My cameras are brilliant in low light and they are wonderful pieces of kit and enable me to become even more creative in low light.I recently had a few days off and was going to take one of my Nikons with me; but then a thought struck me; what would happen if I was stripped of everything and went right back to basics, how would my training and skill set cope?It was then that I set myself a challenge, and for me stretching myself photographically really helps me to continue to find new ideas and ways of taking an image.So for this challenge I took it back about as far as back to basics would go; the gear I took was an i phone, an app, a pair of sunglasses and a bonus thrown in by the hire car company…tinted windows!

Once I laid down the gauntlet to myself I wondered how the whole thing would go, but I really enjoyed the challenge and yes the kit had real limitations but I enjoyed finding ways to overcome them to achieve the results I had in my head. I call this project i phone and when I look at the images it made me think that a great camera is only as great as its owner, but a basic camera can be great because of its owner; and just owning the biggest and best camera in the world will not guarantee wonderful images.It is the skill of the photographer combined with great equipment that really makes for the best team.

I loved doing project i phone, for me it was very stretching and thought provoking.It has made me appreciate my lovely cameras and equipment even more but at the same time I see my little i phone in a different light now because in the right hands it too can achieve lovely images albeit a little restricted!


October - Photo Noir with Ruby Sue

This is a Photo Noir session with the delectable Ruby Sue and I hope you all agree she is absolutely gorgeous. I am photographing Ruby Sue's Parents' wedding next year and this is the first of Ruby's studio sessions, she will be so comfortable in front of the camera by the time Mum and Dad get married. Mum and Dad are also having their pre-wedding shoot sometime in the Spring, so don't worry they will not be left out of the proceedings!

I do love Photo Noir it is such a classical look and they make such beautiful timeless prints.

As usual there is the DVD slideshow and a couple of images to look at.

October - Hello

Good afternoon everyone,

I have been a little remiss with by blogging this month. Apologies for that and I have some images that will be going up in the next few days including project i phone, which I know some of you will have already seen on my personal facebook page and it will feature here too.

Happy October and enjoy the Autumn colours.