My Approach


West Sussex portrait photographer West Sussex portrait photographer Claire Hill photographs people from all over the South East.

Session costs will vary depending on the type of shoot you are having, so have a look at my studio pages to find out more. Like my wedding business I do not operate the conveyor belt approach to my studio work. This basically means that you will have a experience that is not rushed and is fun.

Products can be purchased at your viewing session and prices start from £80.00. As I like to be transparent there is a minimum order value of £200.00 if you wish to purchase products after your session. I know this can seem like a big investment.  Even though you may receive a complimentary session elsewhere, which includes print, you will be expected to spend at the viewing session and the average you will be expected to spend will be significantly higher than my minimum order investment. Rather than operate hard sell tactics at the viewing, having a minimum spend should you wish to order products takes the pressure off so we all know where we are.  There is no obligation to order and I will not employ the dreaded hard sell tactics either;  it’s all chilled here at WHP!

I operate my business on the way I like to be treated as a client and I would much rather know that a studio experience is an investment than to have someone making me feel decidedly uncomfortable in the viewing room with the metaphorical thumb screws; life’s too short and as I mentioned before I am a chilled sort of person! I also have some fantastic packages on offer which offer siginificant savings, so there is something for everyone.

I hope you find this a refreshing way to go about things 🙂