Newborn Photography Prices


Newborn photography prices are £65.00 for a session

Gorgeous little newborns are best photographed up to 14 days old. After this time their muscle function develops more rapidly and their eyesight is really starting to take shape; this is great but not so great for those lovely gooey shots of them sleeping and being all floppy. Being truly newborn is such a fleeting time it really is lovely to capture as it is so easily forgotten. Again the sessions are not rushed; newborns have their own agenda and the session should be warm, calm and just lovely. I am in the process of producing an information booklet on a newborn session, what it is all about and what to bring, so if you are interested in coming to visit please get in touch. The sessions can take up to four hours, we spend a lot of time getting your goregous little one all relaxed and sleepy and it is then we can get those all important shots.

The next stage I just love to photograph is when babies are sitting up unaided; they are all bonny an lovely. Again they know what they want so the adults just have to conform I am afraid!