Weddings in Surrey at the Chalk Lane Hotel in Epsom – Lindsey and Dave

Posted by Claire Hill on Mar 5 2015

weddings at chalk lane hotel epsom surrey

weddings at chalk lane hotel epsom surrey2
Good Afternoon Folks,

Weddings in Surrey that are beautiful and intimate at The Chalk Lane Hotel in Epsom surrey and today and our lovely couple is Lindsey and Dave.

Lindsey and Dave were looking for a very specific coverage to suit the intimate style of their wedding and all the plans for this were put into place at our meeting at the hotel itself. Chalk Lane Hotel is literally a stone’s throw from Epsom’s race course and on our wanderings we found a stable that was perfect for the day. On the wedding day itself the ladies at the stable were so accommodating and we were allowed to take some photographs there. Lindsey had a challenger to Dave’s affections…it was none other than Peaches the horse who took an instant liking to Dave and wouldn’t leave him alone. She even did her best to scupper the kissing shots, it was hilarious!!

The day was a very relaxed mixture of documentary, group shots and portraiture, which really reflected the type of wedding they were having. Before we knew it the time had come for all the guests to take their seats for the private dining. It was marvellous because there were so many choices on offer it really added to the intimate nature of the wedding.

Lindsey and Dave jetted off to their honeymoon that night, which was a wonderful end to the most relaxed and magical day.

Spring seems to be springing and I don’t know about you but I am really looking forward to the landscape bursting into life after its long winter slumbers.

Have a happy day all,

Claire 🙂

Buxted park Hotel Wedding Photography – Wenjing and Julian

Posted by Claire Hill on Feb 3 2015

Buxted Park Hotel Wedding



Good afternoon Folks,

So here we are at another Buxted Park Hotel wedding with Wenjing and Julian; it was a scorcher of day so I hope this wedding brings some more cheer to you all on this very cold day!!

Wenjing and Julian live in the Netherlands so they did an amazing job arranging a long distance wedding. There were several trips back and forth to the UK and each trip had to be of maximum use to get everything done and wow I think they did an amazing job.

This was a Buxted Park Hotel wedding in total so everything started and finished here; we were greeted by Marc who was as wonderful as ever and he never fails to make me laugh. Julian was doing his best to remain cool on this very hot day so after a quick hello we went to Wenjing to capture her bridal preparations. All was calm and serene and I must say on a hot day the Buxted Park Hotel suites were very cool, what a lovely place to prepare for marriage.

We then joined the boys to capture some shots before going back to Wenjing and the gang to be with them on Wenjing’s last walk as a single woman. The ceremony took place outside and again Buxted Park have really thought out their outside wedding facilities. The area they have licensed for marriages is on a shady side of the house and under cover, so even though it was a hot day it was just so pleasant and the light was wonderful…well done Buxted Park!!!

All the guests enjoyed a smashing drinkies and canapés session in the afternoon sun, whilst we popped off for a wander for some relaxed Bride and Groom portraiture. After a very fun group shots session that felt a bit like Eurovision it was time for some proper relaxation during the wedding breakfast. So back to Eurovision; well Wenjing and Julian are well travelled so they had friends from many different countries and their group shots reflected that. We started up a competition to see who could do the silliest thing, it was so much fun and it was Copenhagen who stole the day. I do love to have fun during the group shots and most people see them as boring…..not for me, it’s a time for silliness, pranks and lots of laughter!!!

We had another wander in the warmth of the evening sun before Wenjing and Julian changed to be ready for their evening celebrations.

The wonderful cake you see here is by La Maision des Petits Gateaux and all the beautiful floristy was by Zara Flora.

What a wonderful day with a brilliant crowd who were so much fun; thank you 🙂

There are all sorts of things going on behind the scenes at the moment; it’s all very exciting and I am staying out of trouble…..just 😉

Claire 😀

Wedding Photographers in Kent Aylesford Priory – Natalie and Steve

Posted by Claire Hill on Jan 30 2015



Good Afternoon Folks,

So I was being a wedding photographer in Kent for Natalie and Steve’s wedding at the very beautiful Aylesford Priory. This venue is very unique in that you have the priory grounds, some amazing architecture and your reception will be held in a converted barn, which takes on a very rustic feel so lots to work with here.

I was chuffed to bits to be photographing this wedding because I also had the honour of being the wedding photographer for Natalie’s sister Hannah in 2012,so it was great to be back meeting with the family again. I don’t know if you remember but Natalie and Hannah’s Aunt used to teach me at secondary school and I was in the same year as their Uncle; what a small world because this all came to light during a discussion when they came to see me for Hannah’s wedding!

So the day started at Natalie’s parent’s house, it was very chilled and the girls where having lots of fun with their bridal preparations. We photographed all the lovely bits like the shoes, flowers and Natalie’s art deco inspired dress. As you can see I have taken you right back to mid summer and this was a beautifully warm day, so something to cheer you up with the cold weather we are having.

We then toddled off to meet the boys and capture some shots of them ahead of Natalie’s arrival and before we knew it Natalie was walking up the aisle to marry the love of her life. After the ceremony quite a few of the guests had to check into the local hotel so we made the most of the time and had a quiet few moments at Leeds Church in Kent, and yes this is a stone’s throw from Leeds castle. I think Natalie and Steve really enjoyed having some time together just to chat and reflect.

Next stop was Aylesford Priory for some chillin’ with drinkies and canapés, we finished with a couple of the larger groups and wandered off for a few minutes to capture a shot that had been set in place at the pre wedding shoot; it was happy days indeed to get that; Natalie and Steve will know exactly what I mean and we were giggling like naughty children on the way back!

Their reception room décor was sublime and I know everyone had a great time enjoying the wonderful food. Before we knew it, the first dance was here and the evening fun began in earnest.

It was such a lovely day and I enjoyed every minute of it; as I sit here in my extra thick fleece I can almost feel the warmth of the sun on my face and imagine the trees in full leaf ahhhh not long now folks, not long.

Claire 🙂