Southend Barns Wedding Venue – Lauren and Peter

Posted by Claire Hill on Jan 13 2017

Southend Barns Wedding Venue
Southend Barns Wedding Venue
Southend Barns Wedding Venue
Southend Barns Wedding Venue

This was my first time at Southend Barns wedding venue, which is situated near Chichester West Sussex. This is an old dairy that has been converted in the most beautiful venue and was the perfect setting for Lauren and Peter to celebrate their marriage.

The girls were getting ready in the old dairy that is now the bridal suite and it really is a smashing space to start the day.  All the details have been thought through with a really relaxing colour scheme. Lauren and Peter met at university near the barn where they both studied music, and yes folks what I am about to say is very romantic. They wanted to marry where they first met, how absolutely lovely is that! Peter is a member of the Salvation Army so the marriage took place at the Salvation Army Halls in Bognor Regis.

So after much hilarity with the gals we zipped off to Bognor to meet the boys.  Yep you’ve guessed it Peter is part of the Queen’s Guard (apologies Peter if I haven’t got it 100% correct) but he has served in Afghanistan and plays at many of the major events so very amazing in my book 🙂

The wedding service was lovely in that all who were involved have known Peter since he was born so to be a part of his marriage to Lauren was very special indeed.  I am a silly old thing as yet again there was a tear or two from me to be able to capture such lovely moments of a lovely couple who are making the next step to forge a life together.

So after some shots (in the blistering sun) we headed back to Southend Barns wedding venue to start the celebrations. Everyone was such fun and we continued the silliness with Lauren’s parents (and Lauren’s Dad is a very talented musician too) and Peter’s Parents. In actual fact everyone was so lovely we began to feel like one of the guests!!! Lauren and Peter made sure we had a smashing meal even checking that we were served each course.  Now how lovely is that to take the time to check on us during their own wedding breakfast.

We sneaked off for some Bride and Groom portraiture in the evening, with the usual mixture of silliness and romance. I always find the silliness helps the romance to develop in front of the camera.  Well a wedding wouldn’t be a wedding with me if there weren’t prolific amounts of larking about 😉

I hope you enjoy the selection of images.  If you want to see the whole wedding then head over to my vimeo page where you can find it.

Have a great weekend folks,

Claire 🙂

Everdon Northamptonshire Weddings – Alexandra and Merrik

Posted by Claire Hill on Aug 8 2016

Northamptonshire Weddings
weddings-northamptonshireWell Hello Folks,

I don’t photograph too many Northamptonshire Weddings!  Today’s blog is all about our Niece.  As a family we were all chuffed to bits when Alexandra got engaged to Merrik so there was much excitement when the wedding planning started in earnest.

I had the absolute honour to be asked to photograph their wedding and this was special.  Alexandra was our Niece but she was also my bridesmaid at our wedding (ahem a few years before!!) and to play a role in her day was something that really touched my heart.

Alexandra’s family home is in a beautiful little village in Northamptonshire so the day was going to take place in the family church, which is a stone’s throw from the house.  The wedding reception was in a beautiful marquee which was a few minutes’ walk from the church. Alexandra’a parents had arranged a surprise donkey and cart to take her to the church and it was so lovely to see the neighbours line the street to watch her make her way to be married as most of them have watched Alexandra grow up and blossom.

As with all things typically British the weather played its part; rain, sun, rain but then sunny and dry. It was a shame as the field was a little wet but this did not mar anyone having a great time on the day. It was a little weird trying to be a guest and a photographer and to be honest I was more photographer than guest but the lovely thing was I saw everything, which is such an honour at any wedding but especially at this one 🙂  The food was amazing and I loved sitting down and having a relaxing time chatting to the family.  I also loved photographing Northamptonshire Weddings and would do more like a shot 🙂

Have a great week folks and enjoy the sun; it’s so lovely to be having a summer at last.

Claire 🙂

Westerham Golf Club Wedding Venue – Ann and Brian

Posted by Claire Hill on May 20 2016

Westerham Golf Club Wedding Venue
Westerham Golf Club Wedding venue

Westerham Glof Club Wedding Venue

Well Hello Folks,

Westerham Golf Club wedding venue is very pretty and the perfect place for Ann and Brian to celebrate their marriage. The attention to detail was realy lovely; Ann and Brian’s hard work really paid off when it was all put together on the day. I particularly liked the references to steam trains, which Brian loves.

I was lucky enough to be the photographer at Brian’s Nephew’s wedding and it was lovely to be asked by Ann and Brian to photograph their wedding too. Their story is such a lovely one and to be a part of their wedding day was wonderful. The day itself was hot and sultry so the air conditioning at Westerham Golf Club wedding venue was very welcome indeed!!

Ann and Brian were married at Brian’s local church in Seal and we were blessed with the most glorious field behind so it was a must to capture some images there after the service. Once at the venue the golf carts were on hand to get some lovely images on the golf course. The staff at Westerham Golf Club wedding venue were so helpful and nothing was too much trouble.

In the evening we had more fun around the lake with lots of interaction from family and friends that really added to the atmosphere of the day. I do love a bit of silliness and there was no shortage of silliness, laughter and general mucking about.

It is so lovely to go to weddings and meet up with everyone again, it makes me love <>my job even more.

Anyway here are a few images of the day; Ann and Brian thank you for being so much fun and the song you chose for your first dance brought tears to my eyes. You two do have all the time in the world and you deserve every happiness that comes your way.

Claire 🙂