Photography for Ballet Dancers - Melissa


Good Afternoon Folks,

Wow what a whirlwind August has been and I have been a little remiss in my blogging so here is something to have a gander at!

I had the great honour of photographing an amazing ballet dancer from the National Ballet Lisbon and we had the most fabulous shoot on location at Wakehurst Place. I wanted to get something a little different as a series of shots for her portfolio and Wakehurst was the perfect backdrop to capture Melissa's elegant and graceful moves.

I loved the shoot because it was so different and because everything had to be perfect and captured as the move was unfolding, so it tested so many skills and keep me on my toes; get it…groan :)

Anyway I think I want the images to speak for themselves so here is a slideshow and one of her headshots.

I can't wait to photograph Melissa again, she is amazing.

Claire :)