Wedding photography in Northamptonshire - Alexandra and Merrik

Good Afternoon Folks,

Another pre-wedding photography shoot today and say hello to our Niece Alexandra who is getting married to Merrik in Northamptonshire. This year has been quite the year for special weddings and it will be a very emotional day for me, not only to see Alexandra getting married but having the great honour of photographing their story. This is also very special because Alexandra was a bridesmaid at our wedding and here she is getting married herself; cue tears…again! There was lots of excitement last year when they announced their engagement and it was extra special as we were all together having some family holiday fun when they arrived with the good news. There was a little hiccup involving the engagement ring and some homemade pizza dough but the crisis was averted when Edward spotted it. The mystery as to how it managed to end up in said dough still remains because Alexandra was not anywhere near it at the time! Merrik’s face was a picture though 🙂

They are getting married in the village church where Alexandra grew up and the reception will be in a marquee just up the road; this is very much a country wedding with lots of local suppliers involved, which is just lovely.

I photographed their pre-wedding photography shoot some time ago and as you can see for yourselves what a beautiful place it is to have a wedding; I just hope the weather is not rainy but not too hot either.

So enjoy the images and have a great weekend folks.

Claire 🙂    <


Selsdon Park Hotel Secret Garden in Surrey with the 'A' Team!

Good Morning Folks,

Last week I had a telephone call from Rob at Reveries Events asking if I would photograph a beautiful space at the Selsdon Park Hotel in Surrey that they want to promote for outdoor weddings. It was Rob and he has to be the most talented venue dresser there is so it was an immediate yes!! The theme that Rob designed was a secret garden in vintage lilac. I then set about gathering the only team for the job to see if they wanted to be a part of the shoot. For designer gowns there could be no other than the amazing Emma Tindley and I immediately had three gowns in mind from the 2015 collection that would suit the Secret Garden theme. Our amazing Amy Seymour, model extraordinaire was immediately on board for modelling. Who else could one choose for hair and make-up but Alison J Smith. So that was the first part of the team on board.

I thought a cake that fitted the theme would be a brilliant addition to the garden and I discussed the idea with cake designer Amanda “Mands” from La Maison des Petits Gateaux. I only had to say secret garden, vintage lilac and boom she was overflowing with brilliant ideas; by the way did I forget to say this lady is a genius!

Jake who is soon off to Stella Adler in New York was on board to be a runner and my assistant for the day along with Tracy who is Amy’s mother. The ‘A’ team were back for another mission to create utter loveliness!

Yesterday was such fun and Rob you are a true artist you really are; just take a look at this beautiful area he has created for Selsdon Park Hotel. We also think this space for outdoor ceremonies could span the whole year and all sorts of ideas were discussed 🙂 Rob really does continue to amaze me and to be honest folks where he leads others merely follow, so if you see this elsewhere always be in the knowledge Rob did it first.

Let’s get on to Emma Tindley, well I always wax lyrical about our super talented ‘Tinders’ and to be her official photographer is a true honour. Her dresses are sublime and I love photographing them, be it for the collection, a shoot and real brides. We are so lucky to have a designer of her calibre in East Grinstead and not having to slog all the way to London. If you are a bride and care about the way you dress then Emma is your only port of call…I know, I know I am biased but it’s true!!

Amy Seymour, actor, model all round beauty and again to photograph you is an honour gorgeous Amz; I am confident you will go far and you are beautiful inside and out. I hope I am photographing you for years to come.

Alison Smith. Now I want to give a special shout out to Alison as I often think hair and make-up is overlooked. Without the magic they perform on the day I know my images wouldn’t have that va, va, voom and to watch Alison in action on both shoots and weddings always has me in awe. Just look at the magazines, they hardly get a mention for their artistry and that makes me very sad indeed. Alison you are getting a mahoosive mention here and you are brilliant 🙂

Last but not least the talent that lies behind La Maison des petits Gateaux; Amanda. She has to be one of the most talented cake designers I know, having trained with the best she is at the top of her game. Again another supplier who is often overlooked, with “well it’s only a bit of cake”. Be assured folks, I have tried a lot of cake in my time and it is most definitely not just a bit of cake. It is the beauty of the design matching the wonderful flavours of the cake and appreciating the hours of intricate work that goes into her creations.

So there we have it, the ‘A’ team and I love it when a plan comes together; I will now leave you with a few sneak peeks from yesterday and I am excited for the edit I really am.

Claire 🙂


Seal Church Sevenoaks and Westerham Golf Club for Weddings in Kent - Ann and Brian




Good Afternoon Folks,

Wow how are we all coping with the heat? I think I am, but I find myself mentioning blistering heat frequently and I am beginning to think I was destined for a life on the stage with my very dramatic statements!!

Anyway let’s get on to today’s blog post and say hello to Ann and Brian who are getting married at Seal Church and having their reception at Westerham Golf Club. This is going to be a lovely day because Brian is the Uncle of Patrick who’s wedding I photographed in 2012. It is going to be great to catch up with Patrick and Emma along with Brian’s sister Nicky and his Niece to really enjoy celebrating such a special day.

We met up at the church to have a look around and it is really pretty both inside and out so whatever the weather; dare I say those words “blisteringly hot” or not there are plenty of lovely spots for their photography.

We then headed over to the golf club; alas it was not possible to venture anywhere near the course but we found lots of nice nooks for photographs and again this venue has so much to offer so it’s happy days all round for me 🙂

All sorts of plans have been put in place for the big day, and I know that both Ann and Brian are really excited, as am I to be asked to be their photographer, so thank you for choosing me.

I have managed some nice days out in July, which has been smashing and we have even popped over to the Isle of Wight to see our friends for a couple of days. I always laugh at myself, because as soon as I get on the ferry I am convinced I am going abroad and saying ahhh you wouldn’t get this in England as I look at the Spinnaker tower!!! Honestly what am I like 😉

Have a great weekend folks and I am hoping to get some wedding blogs up soon.

Claire 🙂