Smallfield Place Wedding Venue Wonderful for Winter Weddings - Kate and Richard


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Good Afternoon Folks,

We are back at the stunning wedding venue that is Smallfield Place again and I have brought Kate and Richard's wedding blog forward so that Kate's family who are far and wide at the moment can catch a glimpse of their images ahead of the on-line gallery going live.

I am a funny 'old bird' I like my brides and grooms to be the very first to see their wedding story and once they have it goes for general release. In this day and age of everything being so instant I like to slow things down a bit so that the joy of their wedding is not over the day after. In this world of facebook and having slideshows of that day's wedding images shown in the evening it just takes away a little of the magic for me. I will never forget the time I had to pop into another wedding as my car had been blocked in; there was a slideshow playing of that day's images on a screen. Where we the guests? Were they dancing, were they chatting to the bride and groom, were they having fun? Nope they were huddled around this little screen whilst tumbleweed rolled across the dance floor; the DJ must have been gutted!!!

Anyway I digress, Kate and Richard's day was just wonderful, the weather behaved so that we were able to get outside and when it did rain the cosiness and homely warmth of Smallfield Place was a treasure and something that makes this a truly special wedding venue. The morning's preparations were serene, Kate was calmness itself and very, very chilled. As Kate and her dad were waiting to walk in he said just the right things to relax and make her laugh, well done Dad! Kate and Richard's humanist ceremony was lovely, just lovely and yes folks my first tears of the day were here. The second tears of the day were during Richard's speech and one quote in particular, to be honest there wasn't a dry eye in the house. We had great fun afterwards and the swing band who played in the evening were brilliant. I must also mention the flowers and decorations all made by Kate's Mum all I can say is I am in awe. Once Kate and Richard have been for their viewing the slideshow will be on my moving albums page, so if you have a look in a couple of weeks you can see the whole wedding for yourself.

I have chosen a selection of images the first being of Kate in her wonderful Emma Tindley gown; this is sea pearl oyster silk with gorgeous lace detailing and sleeves and wow Kate you looked amazing. I love images that radiate fun a laughter, we were mucking about and the girls gave Kate a big kiss and this is the shot taken just afterwards and the girls movement in the image give some depth to this moment. Here he is making Kate laugh moments before they enter the ceremony room. I love this image of Richard I know he won't agree but we will have to agree to disagree because you look so handsome and a perfect match for Kate. Again moments captured that really tell the story of your day and love this, just love it. Last but not least Kate and Richard with Smallfield Place at night :)

When I left the party was in full swing with fun being had by all and not a huddle of people around a small screen in sight, just as it should be…

Claire :)

Smallfield Place Wedding Venue Pre-Wedding Photography shoot with Kate and Richard





Good Evening Folks,

Yup that is blue skies you can see at Smallfield Place and what a wonderful day it was for a pre-wedding photography shoot with Kate and Richard.

Smallfield Place is a Jacobean mansion set in the most idyllic setting in Smallfield a village not far from East Grinstead in West Sussex. This is a privately owned home that is made available for a small number of exclusive weddings every year and this is such a beautiful place to celebrate a marriage. Holly is a brilliant events co-ordinator and nothing is too much trouble; the moment I walked in I could tell how homely and welcoming it was. Kate and Richard made such wonderful choice and it was great to be able to make some plans ahead of their big day. Rowlf came along too and he is such a good looking boy it was a must that he had his photographic debut! I think you can see from today's images this young man is a natural in front of the camera.

I have popped on a selection of images from the shoot, the first was a stroll with Rowlf towards the house; as you probably know I do love a good door and there were doors abound here, so it seemed fitting to get an image of Richard looking particularly handsome :) Inside the house there were so many nooks and crannies with lovely pools of light that are perfect to get natural light portraits and I love this one of Kate with her magnificent hair. Last but not least Rowlf doing some posing even if mummy and daddy are having a sneaky kiss...naughty mummy and daddy ;)

I don't know about you but I am so pleased to see some sun at last; and it was most welcome for Saturday's wedding and Sunday's pre-wedding shoot! Have a great evening folks and check back soon.

Claire :)

Lovely words from Faye and Alex who were married at The Ravenswood Sharpethorne West Sussex

How lucky am I so have the best clients in the world :) Thank you for your lovely words xxx

West Sussex Wedding Photography at Worth Abbey Worth - Red and Théo

Good Morning Folks,

Hoorah a wedding photography post from a beautiful wedding at Worth Abbey, Worth, West Sussex featuring today’s gorgeous couple Red and Théo.

The rain was relentless on their day but Red saw this a nature giving her day rain to wash away the old ready for their new lives together, and these wise words came from her mother in law. I love that everything in life has a positive and did it hamper the fun, oh no; we may have slipped and slided (not a proper work but the only descriptive that seemed to fit) a bit and I think I commando rolled (unintentionally) over a hay bale, followed by my able assistant but we did it with aplomb 😀

The day started at Red’s parents’ house and there was excitement abound during the preparations; we then made our way to Worth Abbey, which is just breathtaking, to photograph the boys. I knew the service was going to be something special as Red’s bother was in charge of the choir that had travelled all the way from Oxford to sing, and wow when the music started shivers went down my spine and I found it really emotional. For me it was like hearing the Kings College choir and I had to pinch myself to make sure I was there, what an honour. Writing this brings it all back and makes me quite teary!

We then headed back to the house to enjoy the reception. I think the rain did impact on one part of the day and that was the garden that Rachel, Red’s mother had been perfecting for months ahead of the big day. All was not lost though as I was able to pop over to photograph it before the marquees were erected. When I was editing the images I could not believe that it rained as much as it did because the day was full of love, happiness, joy, positivity and the determination to enjoy every last bit.

So let’s have a chat about today’s images; I love this mother and daughter moment, I think once the dressing starts it all becomes real and that mix of nerves and excitement really kicks in. A little glance to each other of reassurance is always just lovely to capture during the service, and this service was just magical. For me this shot makes me a little teary yet again. Rachel giving Red communion wine to her daughter for her very first holy communion as a married woman; wow to witness and capture this makes my job such a joy. Oh yes, it rained, then rained and rained some more and yes we managed to get outside. As I am a positive type of ‘gal’ just look at the richness in the depth and colour.

Today is my bits and bobs day; we all have those little jobs that build up so today is the day to get them all done. Oh and an update on the new washing machine, love it; it’s quiet and steams stuff, oh happy days!

I won’t make any promises on what is coming up next because I keep changing my mind!!!

Have a great week folks,

Claire 🙂


Are you seeing Double? Baby Bumps Photography East Grinstead West Sussex - Katie and Claire


Good Afternoon Folks,

Whoops I did it again; no wedding blog yet but double baby bumps are not something that comes along every day and I have been given permission by Katie and Claire to share one of their images with you all. I do love pregnancy photography, and to photograph two bumps was a brilliant challenge; what makes this even more special is these are not any old baby bumps, they are the bumps of two sisters, yup two sisters :) Now to take the story even further the bubs were only born 4 weeks apart and they were both boys, now what's the odds? I love the imagery but I also love the story that surrounds the photographs I take; and the chances of this happening frequently has to be rarer than hen's teeth; that one is for Katie and Andy who I know will giggle.

I must admit I did wrack my brains to think of some double bubble poses, I would sit and ponder then images would pop into my head. I have little filing cabinets in my head for different things, so this went in my pregnancy cabinet!! We did a few things on the day all of which I loved, but this type of photography is very personal so I always like to respect my client's wishes so this is the only one you are going to see folks!

Katie was one my lovely brides and Claire was her bridesmaid, so you can imagine how touched and proud I was that they came back to me for this very special session. Keep an eye out for Jacob, Katie and Andy's handsome little boy as he will be on the blog soon. I haven't met Alex yet but I am really looking forward to meeting him in the near future, from the images I have seen of him he is just like his cousin, incredibly handsome.

Wedding blog next…promise! Liar, liar pants on fire I hear you chant but would you have me any other way ;)

Claire :)