Weddings at Slaugham Place Slaugham West Sussex - Tracey and Mark

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Good Morning Folks,

West Sussex wedding photography at Slaugham Place is beautiful and it was a pleasure to be a part of Tracey and Mark's wedding day. The day started next door at their house, yup folks not far for me to travel although it was a real struggle having to walk the few yards to get there ;) I photographed the boys doing their 'thang' before seeing Tracey at the Felbridge Hotel to capture her bridal preparations. We really were local as it was a short hop, skip and a jump to East Court where the wedding service took place in the beautiful Georgian mansion. Mark and Tracey had thought of everything, during the chats after the service champagne and yummy chocolate strawberries were served and what a delicious accompaniment for the group shots; tres chic! It was lovely to have an intimate little gathering at East Court before heading off to Slaugham Place to meet up with their guests; the day was so lovely not just because I know Tracey and Mark but the planning was impeccable and you could really see both of them in this day.

So now for today's images; I love this shot it exudes so much, happiness, wind, excitement, wind, relief oh and wind! When Mark and Tracey arrived they made the most fantastic entrance and I love moments like this, but hey folks look at the Bentley :) Slaugham has so much to offer in the way of photographic opportunities, I love the leading lines of the bridge along with Mark's stance to give drama to this image. Now just take a lookey at this; a brand spanking new Bentley, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin with the magnificent backdrop of the ruins; those cars looked and sounded great and the lads weren't bad I suppose ;) I don't think I could take a bad picture of Tracey, contrary to what she believes she is very photogenic and it made me laugh because she would pose then all of a sudden do a little dance or just swirl in her dress. Last but not least and sorry Elliot (who is a photographer by the way) I know you will hate me for this, but I couldn't resist! Mark does love an ice cream from the ice cream van so what does every man want at his wedding; yup his very own ice cream van! I have popped this image in as I don't think any of us really grow up do we?

Thank you both for being so much fun and letting me be a part of your day; look, look can you see me waving :D

Whatever you are up to this weekend folks, have a great one.

Claire :)

Wedding Venue South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Amanda and Damien





Good Morning Folks,

Here we are back doing pre-wedding photography at the ever beautiful wedding venue that is South Lodge Hotel, Lower Beeding, West Sussex on a glorious late summer's eve. Say hello to Amanda and Damien who will be getting married here soon.

We did have a laugh; Damien is such a joker and is always mucking about, I tried to be stern but just fell about laughing, he is a minx and I think I have met my match for minxish behaviour ;) I wanted to find some different spots to use on their wedding day as I do love to keep finding new nooks and crannies no matter how much I have photographed at a wedding venue. We have a few tricks up our sleeve and some will as always be dependent on the weather once the big day is here. Poor Amanda had no option to keep rolling her eyes as the shoot progressed with the two minxes being a bit silly; but we all know she loves it really folks!

So here are today's images; when a nice bit of evening light like this comes along it seems a shame not to make the most of it, so here we have a romantic moment (yes you two you are romantic despite what you say) in the golden warmth of the evening sun. A little walk to explore the grounds at South Lodge is always a must and just loving this image in black and white. It was so lovely to see the deckchairs out, and a sneaky pic capturing a sneaky kiss was definitely required here! I think you all know I love those lamps at South Lodge so here is a favourite location of mine but with a different pose :)

Have a fab weekend folks; it looks like we may be having some warmer weather so make the most of it while you can. The fruit and veg fests are coming to an end, which was a little sad until apple and pear fest arrived, aren't we lucky to have the seasons and with the arrival of each one it brings a new it!

Claire :)

September - Jane and Graham East Court, East Grinstead

Had a great pre-wedding shoot on Saturday with Jane and Graham despite the rain. We still managed to laugh our way through the shoot. They were holding a 999 day at the venue so it was a case of dodging the various emergency vehicles so as not to have them in the backdrop! Jane and I had to work really hard in keeping Graham away from the hot dog stand, and I think we did rather well.Here is a completely whacky image from the session and I think this proves that rain can be fun too. The blobs of light are all part of the image; they were the raindrops with the light reflecting through them and very little post production done to this image. As usual there is a dvd slideshow showing a selection from the session.

Wedding Photographer at South Lodge Hotel Lower Beeding West Sussex - Rachael and Ian

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Good Morning Folks,

Welcome to the West Sussex wedding photography at South Lodge of Rachael and Ian and as you can see from the images it was another gloriously sunny day at this magnificent venue. Rachael and Ian's day started at St Mary's Church in Horsham; I always love photographing here, not only is the Vicar and his team really friendly but it is a very pretty church with lovely stained glass windows. It was then off to South Lodge where we were greeted by Paul G Smith, Toastmaster extraordinaire. As usual the service was impeccable and lots of fun was had by all.

So on to today's images; I have mentioned the stained glass window so it would be churlish not to show it!!! It really does look wonderful in this building and it is always a poignant moment when prayers take place at the alter. Image two is of Rachael's bridesmaid and I love it when these little gems appear, everything was perfect; the light the frame of the wooden pew and Kate deep in thought. We had lots of fun during the bride and groom portraiture and I think Rachael and Ian enjoyed a few moments together to reflect on their day. Last but not least today features their little cutie Dominic, he was just adorable and such a good little boy. Here they all are in the evening looking forward to their future as a family.

It has been a while since I last posted, so apologies for that. August was an incredibly busy month for weddings all of which were full of fun and memories. I managed to grab a few days off last week to spend some time with my family, it was great to be able to chat and catch up. We had loads of fun and I can officially announce it takes 8 Hills to make a pizza....don't ask :D :D :D

Claire :)

Little Silver Wedding Photography Tenterden Kent - Becki and Dan: Kent Wedding Photographers

Little Silver Wedding Photography Tenterden Kent1

Little Silver Wedding Photography Tenterden Kent2

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Little Silver Wedding Photography Tenterden Kent4

Little Silver Wedding Photography Tenterden Kent5
Good Afternoon Folks,

As promised here is the blog about Becki and Dan's wedding at the gorgeous Little Silver, Tenterden, Kent. Becki and Dan had exclusive use of Little Silver in Tenterden and all the family stayed there the night before so they were able to have a nice pre-wedding celebration. Tenterden is a beautiful town and I have photographed some lovely weddings there in the past.

When we arrived the next day, the boys were enjoying a beer in the sun and the girls were having fun with the bridal preparations and toasting the day with some pink champagne; how fabulous. I popped down to photograph the boys and wondered where they were and unbeknown to be they were struggling with the scrunchy tie, even with the you tube instructions. In the end I knocked on the door to find a very flustered Dan! I then proceeded to tie all the scrunchies and I have never seen so many extraordinary variations of it; anyway it gave us all a good old laugh.

There was a lovely surprise for Becki in the form of lambs, her favourite animal and they were present during the ceremony outside. When the registrar asked "if anyone here present..." the lambs kept quiet; clever little lambies :)

I am posting five images today with the emphasis on detail this week; the first is a tender moment of reassurance during their marriage ceremony; it really is nerve wracking and I just love to capture these moments. The second image is of the lambs and as you can see Becki was in love with them. The third image are these wonderful table centrepieces; each one was handmade by Dan's Dad and represented a part of their journey from when they first met to the marriage. It was just lovely and he is so talented. I thought I would do something different with the flowers this time and as the day was sunny the wellies were not needed, so they were given pride of place with the flowers. Last but not least, the jelly 'cut' also made by Dan's Dad. A traditional cake would not have suited Becki and Dan at all and I just love the fun in this shot as they slurped the champagne jelly.

So there we go folks some Tenterden wedding photography and I am pleased to see that we are all enjoying a taste of an Indian summer at long last!

Looking forward to catching up with you later in the week.

Claire :)
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