May - Qualifications

have just found out that I have passed my Licentiate with the SWPP, so I am now Claire Hill LSWPP!!

I am very pleased with this and it is good to be able to say I am a qualified photographer of the SWPP.

May - From Teapot to Max!

As you know I am following Max from bump to one year, here are a few images from our session and a link to a DVD Slideshow. The aim was to use only natural light; no reflectors or artificial light of any kind to see what I could come up with and here it is. I have included a dummy image, feeding image and some with milk on his face. I like to include these and in years to come they will also be moments to cherish and remember.

May - Sarah and Vic's Pre-Wedding Shoo

Hello and welcome to May, what a cold start to the month especially after the lovely weather we enjoyed in April. On that note Sarah, Vic and I went out on a balmy April afternoon and had great fun with their pre-wedding shoot. It was a good excuse to have a lovely walk in the sunshine, muck around and be really silly. I loved it and it has really put us all in the mood to enjoy their forthcoming wedding. See you on 22nd you two!

Here is a link to a taster slideshow and a couple of images from the session.